NEW HAPPY TAILS – celebrating new adoptions of Minpinerie dogs! YEEHAH!


Louie was adopted by Nancy Thompson.  “Thank you Louise for finding Lou for me.  A rough beginning in Louie’s life. He was tied on a balcony then he went to a couple of homes, then turned into the shelter.  Louie has had a tough time, but he’s my heart dog. When we picked him up, we drove to gas station and Louie cried when I stepped out of the car.  He acted like I had been his owner all his life.  Lou is so loving and my wonderful heart dog. Thank you everyone at Minpinerie. He’s as happy as I am to be here in his forever home.”




Lilly was adopted by Jaimee and her family in December 2018! Congrats to Lilly!!!! Along with Lilly in the second shot on the couch (and new Dad’s lap) are big brothers Jasper and Cuddles.  Lilly had lost her home and family due to no fault of her own. She needs an active family, is smart and gets very excited. Apparently, in the summer, she LOVES bike rides in a child bicycle trailer!

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Tewksy –  “Beau” was adopted from Minpinerie almost a year ago, after having been re-homed several times.  His Mom Wendy says “At a year old he was extremely active and had quite a bit of anxiety.  After several months he began to feel secure again, and with daily exercise off leash, he calmed down and is keen to learn new things.  His favourite thing to do is to run in the woods with Boomer, one of his two siblings.  He has terrific recall and he adores his pack, and his humans.  Although he was meant to be a foster we could not imagine him fitting in as well as he did with his new pack in the country. He is our second dog from Minpinerie, and our third rescue.  “Beau” was renamed Tewksbury after the Canadian gold medalist Mark Tewksbury, and he is a huge fan of the water and loves living on a lake. As foster parents of 25 previous dogs, we knew right away that Tewky understood exactly where he fit into the pack.  Grooming his siblings, and knowing he never gets first crack at the bowl that needs licking, they appreciated having him to cuddle with and play with. For anyone wanting to foster or adopt, you are saving a life, by making room for one more dog to be rescued.  It takes a little bit of patience and a lot of commitment, but every dog has the potential to learn.  Our advise is that it takes at least a month to know how a dog fits into your home.  Tewky has overcome his anxiety, and he has so much to give back.  Rescuing for us has been so rewarding. Minpinerie is an exceptional rescue.  They go above and beyond to ensure the dogs have proper veterinary care and proper placement.  They do not discriminate by breed, contrary to their name.  I recommend them to anyone looking to adopt, and thank you for opening your heart to rescue!” Thank you to your and your family Wendy! This is wonderful!

Beau was adopted by Nancy and her family and is lucky enough to have a cabin in the USA!! Nancy says “These, like the photo of Beau and my daughter in a hammock, are at the family cabin in Vermont.  You can see from the 2nd photo that Beau and my cat, Cica, have learned to peacefully coexist. Beau loves being at the cabin, which is on a lake – but he won’t swim! He can run free there, hang out with my cousins’ dogs, look at the loons on the Lake, get confused by the jumping frogs and toads, chase squirrels, sleep in the sun on the dock….And life in Ottawa is pretty good too!” Great to hear!





MaBelle’s Mom Donna proudly says “Jack is registering MaBelle as a service dog ( emotional therapy ) so he is looking forward to having her little vest and ID card. She’s a very happy loving dog. 🐶🎶 Jack walks her a lot when it isn’t too hot. She loves to play musical beds, soon as one person is awake she goes in search of someone who is still asleep to cuddle up with. Her exuberant welcome has calmed down to normal now. She’s got the routine down pat now, she knows he is coming back every chance he can get. Some nights she reminds him it’s past bedtime, lol.”



Tyson was adopted in 2015, but his owner became ill. Tyson stayed with Linda for a while and when his owner decided she could no longer care for him, Linda stepped in again, this time as a foster for Tyson. ” Seven months later, May, 2017, I adopted Tyson. This feisty little guy is very much a part of my menagerie of animals.   I have a dog sitting and dog walking business where up to 8 dogs can be staying in my home (this includes my three).   Everyone learns quickly that Tyson rules the household. Tyson is very happily sharing life with me and my other animals; Diego, 10 year old Black Lab, Bear, 12 year old Shepherd and Kittan, 9 year old calico cat.” We hoped Tyson would have a happy life – thank you!!!!!


Sadie – Fern says “On Tuesday, May 1st, it was 2 years since Sadie came home.  She is doing very well.  I thought I would give you some info on her. In July she had the surgery on her right back leg which has worked out great.  She had four months of slow activity and massage and leg exercises three times a day.  By then it was winter so her pace was slow since she still does not like the cold weather.  Once in a while she will walk on three legs for a couple steps.  I have to work on building up her leg muscles again over the summer.  We usually go for three short walks each day.   I am trying to keep her weight at 16 – 17 pounds.  At breakfast and supper time she just bounces to her dish when I get her food bag out.  Nice to see.  She enjoys being out in the yard or sunning herself on the porch now that the weather has improved.” So nice to hear this story two years later!!


Frodo – Beth says “Just wanted to update you on Primo, now known as Frodo.  He has settled in well and has been  very good  at being outside without a leash while at home. He loves his walks and as we live in the country he is able to be off leash on part of our walks through the bush as well. He has lost a significant  amount of weight and no longer looks like a haggis on legs. We have gone to obedience classes and it was obvious by his performance that he had been through this before. I needed the training however and we both passed. Frodo now has a friend from next door who he grooms when she comes to visit. Izzy is a 12 year old lab with severe arthritis in her legs.” Lovely to hear that he’s got such a great life!




Lou – Nancy says “Here’s one of my photos of Lou in bed waking in the morning he’s favorite place beside me. I want to thank you you Louise for finding Lou, my little partner. He is my shadow my constant companion. We love each other.  When we picked him that second in the car, he bonded so strongly, he knew I needed him.  To this day, my husband says I never realized a little dog could bond in a short time so strongly.  You knew best Louise, as I had called about another dog and you called back and said ‘I found your dog for you.’ Thank you Minpinerie once again.” Louise, our adoption co-ordinator says “I am so happy for you and for my little namesake Louie (Lou). Thank you for your kind words. To think this little guy was in a shelter and nobody wanted him, till he came to Minpinerie. I just know, he travelled the journey he did so he could end up in the dream destination he was meant to be. Your words warmed my heart and your photos made me tear up a little. Thank you.”  This was a little guy that was turned in for barking too much on the balcony where he spent a good part of his day alone, he was just waiting for a person to be with him, to follow, to love…





Bella – Simi says “I just wanted to let you know how Bella is doing. She’s a total snuggle bug. I almost can’t take a picture of her by herself because she always wants to snuggle. Her coat is soft and thick now. She has gained a lot of trust and is the sweetest dog. She has even started barking at people! She loves every other dogs she meets and she makes us all smile even though she wakes us up like a newborn. Thank you for rescuing her.”





T-Bone – Ann says “Hello there!! T-Bone is about to experience his third Halloween with us! We’re so blessed to have adopted this senior gem who has become such a huge part of our family and hearts. My older daughter just moved out and is now looking to adopt too! Thank you for rescuing T-Bone and for all of the work you do for these adorable home-worthy pups. XOXOXO” Lovely to hear that this senior found love!!



Vanilla Bean – Megan says “I hadn’t planned on adopting when I first started volunteering for the Minpinerie Rescue… but meeting Vanilla Bean seemed to be kismet! I think she knew that we were meant for each other that first walk because she did not leave my side. As I’m writing this now she’s curled up beside me sleeping after a long day of walking, playing and swimming. Vanilla Bean truly is the perfect dog for me, and I would have never realized that if I hadn’t met so many wonderful dogs prior to her throughout the time I’ve spent volunteering for this incredible rescue. In an attempt to give her half of what she’s given me, I promise to always give her the exercise, patience and love she needs to continue to be one of the funniest, most amazing little dogs I’ve ever met.”  



Honey – Helene says “We adopted Honey (previously named Moo Moo) in June 2017.  At first Honey did not want to share her affections with anyone except for me but now she spends lots of happy quality time with Lulu (pictured on the left) and my husband.  As her new name implies, Honey is a sweet girl who enjoys chilling-out as much as exercising.  Honey is my running partner and my good-morning sunshine.  A BIG thank you to all at the Minpinerie for saving Honey and making it possible for her to join our family!”




Dory – Rebecca says “I adopted Dory (was Mattie) back in May. I lost my minpin Dutch after 17 years late last year and my current boy, Duke and I were finally ready to invite a new dog home. We took a chance on Dory and she’s truly become the pushy queen of the castle. Eats everything in sight and an absolutely love bug. Duke will never admit it but he’s happy for another trouble maker to go adventuring with.” 




Frankie is a Parson Russel terrier who came to Minpinerie from the USA in 2017. He was adopted by Treena and Mark and Minpinerie alumni Buttercup and the family cats. Treena says “He loves his sweater in the cool weather. He loves snuggling with Buttercup all day, loves any kind of snack, loves digging for chipmunks and does not enjoy coming when called (when in the chipmunk ‘zone’). He throws a lot of heat, which is great in the winter on the couch or in bed!”


Happy Tails summer 2017

Ash adopted Zeus (was named Tucker) in March 2017! “He has warmed up and is happy as can be!”




Phil and Su adopted Taz on February 24th of this year.(he’s the one in the red collar). “He fit right into our little pack of Coco (cute little girl beside him on the couch), and the two Siamese cats Spencer & Elmer. He is great company for all of us even the cats.   We would like to thank all of you at Minpinerie for all the work you do for these very deserving little creatures and thank you for bringing them into our lives. P.s. Coco is also from the Minpinerie. We got her 2 1/2 years ago.”




Tom and Sharon say “We are so overwhelmed with our little Tripod Spencer, we kept his name.  He was rescued from Tenneesee and thru Minpineerie we adopted him in early Feb. 2017.  H is so well behaved sleeps at least 11 hrs per night.  Loves the companship of both large and small dogs..What an addition after losing our 2 shepherds. Our vet informs us he was born without the missing leg.   You would not even know the way he runs jumps etc. Thank you.”

spencer march 2017



Archie (was Shorty) adopted March 2017. Krystyna says “Adopting Archie is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. He is such a sweet, funny dog and I couldn’t be happier that he is part of my life. Archie arrived at my house on the coldest day in March from Tennessee. He has made himself at home. I’m also fortunate to be able to bring him to work with me, he even has his very own office chair! Archie is the perfect office dog. My co-workers adore this cutie as much as I do. Thank you so much to the team at Minipinerie for rescuing Archie and always being available to answer all my questions!”



Renee calls Romeo (originally Romo) “my little bundle of love. I started fostering Romeo in October 2016, he is so kind, loving, playful and very energetic for a senior dog! However, unbeknownst to me and the agency, Romeo had some medical issues. They culminated in December 2016 when he spent 3 nights at the hospital with possible pancreatitis, an inflamed liver and sludge in his gallbladder. Those were easily the saddest 3 days of my life, but with the help and support of the Minpinerie, he made it through. I knew then that I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my little man! He has been adopted since February 14, 2017 (romantic, I know). Romeo goes everywhere with me, including the Pride Parade most recently. He is the best decision I ever made.”




Nikki and her family adopted Kevin (formerly Odie). “As you can see he fits right in. He sleeps under our covers with us and is forever in my shadow. He’s been a wonderful addition and he has changed so much over the last 6 months. He’s less skiddish and yappy now. He’s learning to trust that people coming and going from the house are safe. Here he is with his new haircut. He is also seen here with his new fur brother Lloyd our St. Bernard.”





Paco was adopted by Michel and his family and is now called Skipper “because he has a bit of a skip when he walks as a result of luxating patella.  He’s come a long way, Kentucky to Ottawa and now to our home.  He enjoys his daily walks and snuggling with us on the couch.  He loves to sit in the sun but does not like the cold.  He’ll definitely appreciate our time in Florida this winter.”




Minpinerie volunteers Treena and her hubby adopted Franklin (was Rascal) in September 2017, originally from Kentucky. He is their second ‘Kentucky Special.’ “Frankie is a dream. Great with the cats, great off-leash, playful and sweet, and throws a lot of heat in bed! Just a big puppy and is learning his manners. He has had a hard time over the past two weeks winning a place in Buttercup’s heart, but finally he has done it. They are now playing well together and she’s getting over her loss of her beloved Teddy with his help. We are thankful for this little doll and look forward to laughing at him and snugging with him for years to come.”



New Happy Tails!!!!


In fall 2016, Oscar was adopted by Erin. “I can definitely say, having Oscar in my life has been the best thing that ever happened to me.  Oscar is a mommy’s boy who doesn’t like to leave my side. Whenever it’s bedtime, or when I take a nap, he will crawl underneath the covers and press himself against me.  He loves going to Bruce Pit and has no problem wrestling with the bigger dogs. Currently I’m taking a class to become a certified dog trainer and I get to bring Oscar to class with me! He has mastered sit, lay down, stay. fetch, shake a paw and he knows clicker commands.  I’m hoping down the road to make Oscar a therapy dog. Thank you for bringing Oscar into my life!”





In spring 2016, Phoebe was adopted by Mara. “Phoebe came to me on Mothersday this year as a foster from Ohio. She completely stole my heart when I opened the door of her crate and she stepped into my arms. I also have a nine year old Laszo Apso and was a little worried about bringing in another dog.  However after about 2 days of sniffing and a bit of growling they completely have accepted each other and are best friends. Phoebe is very affectionate and quiet. She hardly ever barks at all. She is a digger. I have about 20 holes in my front yard to prove that. My life has greatly improved since she came into my life and I think that I have improved hers as well. Minpinerie Ottawa has been great and very caring and helpful. What a great job you all are doing.”




In late 2017, Skip was adopted by Jessica & Alex. “Things are going great, we went to Bruce Pit yesterday and he did very well off leash. He is warming up to Alex faster than we could have predicted as well. I am attaching pictures. This Wednesday he starts obedience classes for 6 weeks at Petsmart. Thanks again for everything!”




Ti-Gars et Ti-Loup were adopted by Anick in 2016! “On est arrivé… c’était stressant la route mais on est tellement bien maintenant. On est crevé mais on a tout ce qu’on a besoin ici, même des lits dans toutes les pièces ! On a bien mangé aussi, mais j’ai mangé trop vite et j’ai vomi… pas grave (Ti-Gars). On a fait 2 tours de la maison dans l’herbe… pleins de senteurs nouvelles. Et on a pas fini de découvrir la maison. On continue demain, trop fatigues là. On est bien ensemble, on ne se lâchera jamais maintenant.” (We will add that these guys were adopted a long time ago but returned to us years later through no fault of their own, and we ARE SO HAPPY THEY HAVE FINALLY FOUND A FOREVER HOME! THANK YOU ANICK!!)




Hutch was adopted by Karen and Dean in late 2016. “I just wanted to send a little update and let you all know that Hutch is settling in with us fabulously! We love him to bits and are really enjoying him and have started doing a bit of training. He is sitting on my lap as I write this! Thank you to everyone who had a part in Hutch’s journey and took care of him before we came along. If I have missed sending this to anyone, please let everyone at the Minpinerie know we are very grateful. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to adopt Hutch, we really appreciate it.”




HTAudrey and Silvia

In August 2016, Audrey was adopted by Silvia! “I still remember Audrey’s picture in Minpinerie’s website. I fell in love with that face but we were doubting if she would be my perfect match and Louise proposed I try her, and of course I fell for her. It took a bit longer for her to bond with me, but oh boy, I wanted and still do, to make the rest of her life as happy as I can. She still dislikes dogs getting on her way when we walk, but she came a long way with people. She is curious, cuddly, stays 9 hours by herself and the house is the same way I left it (she doesn’t clean though 🙂 She is my baby, my companion, my personal trainer. Without her I would come back from work and not go out till next morning.  We were worried for her health but after detailed lab tests, everything came back normal. I thank Louise for her patience and help and the rest of the volunteers at Minpinerie. Adopting Audrey was almost a life saver for her and for me.”




In July 2016 Adrian was adopted by Jim and Heidi and renamed Huck. “We have three rescue pins and all have their own story. Fyn was rescued from Ohio nearly three years ago and Jack who we  took in on New Year’s Eve last year.  Huck is the baby and runs the house we call him our brat as he is always the instigator when something has happened. Fyn is our nervous nelly but keeps Huck in shape with their constant play inside and out. Jack is laid back and a snuggle bug. All in all a busy pack we have. Thanks again for all the work you do and an extra hats off to Deb who has worked so hard to get us our little angels.”





In May 2015, Sadie was adopted by Fern! “I thought I would let you know how she is doing now.  The winter was a little hard on Sadie.  She was not used to the cold but I am proud of how she survived the winter.  She would go outside to the bathroom and be back in within a couple of minutes.  If the temperature was around zero I would put her coat on and take her for a short walk.  Twice at the beginning of the winter I had to carry her the last half block home.  Her feet were too cold.  Tried little booties but they came off most of the time.  Her feet are so small.  The last couple of months she did not mind the snow and actually liked tromping thru it if it wasn’t deep. I was worried about her gaining weight when she wasn’t out walking but watched her diet carefully.  I would like her to loose another 2 to 3 lbs.  Her legs are so tiny to be holding all the weight.  She does have good muscles in her legs now.  Now that the weather has warmed up we go for at least 2 walks each day and she gets lots of exercise running around in the back yard. In the morning we have a pet time before she goes for her morning walk.  She is still stubborn.  If she does not want to do something, she will not do it.  I have had to carry her in the house several times when she would not come in. Thank you so much for letting me adopt Sadie.  Thank you also to all the volunteers who made Sadie’s trip to Ottawa possible.  She is a real treasure.”



Jake was adopted by Allan in 2016! Jake says “Today, I celebrated my first birthday in Nova Scotia.  My Dad made me a special doggie birthday cake. I must be special for my Dad hates to cook. Our first year together has been fantastic.  Neither of us can imagine life without each other. We are like 2 peas in a pod. When we go for our long walks three times a day, everyone knows me. Other then dog owners usually cross the street when they “hear me”. However, I have made quite a few new friends with the other dogs on my street and we get along just great.  I just want to show any strangers ( new dogs) that although I may be vertically challenged, I am still a doberman like those other big shots. My dad tells people that I am a doberman trapped in a Chihuahua like body. Anyway, thank you both (Louise and Ruth) for rescuing me and matching me with my new Dad. You both will always be my guardian angels!!!”



Petra says “Milou is doing great. He definitely knows this is his home now. Attached is pictures of Milou and his beloved Joseph (my husband). We love Milou so much. He is such a good dog and all his shaking (I assume anxiety and being so shy) that he had at the beginning is gone.”


Ally says “Odie has settled in quite well with us. He is amazing with our children, as well as the other children in our neighbourhood.  He has become very sociable with other dogs and has already made a handful of friends that he enjoys running around with in the conservation area across the street. He also enjoys chasing squirrels and birds in the backyard. Working from home was pretty lonely before Odie, he has made me love my job again. Odie enjoys lying in the sun in the afternoons, but any other time he is usually on your lap or right beside you snuggled in. Odie is full of love to give and we are so happy that it is our family that gets to accept his love. Thank you Minpinerie for matching Odie with our family.”


Chris says “Cagney is doing super well! She's learnt Sit, and is starting to learn Stay. She's starting to learn people coming into the apartment are friends, and in general is a really good girl! Picture of a tuckered out pooch after a bunch of playing.”

Oscar and Felix

Oscar and Felix were formerly known as Kodi and Kori.  Jennifer says “We adopted them at the end of November 2015.  For totally untrained dogs they were surprisingly well behaved doggies and quickly bonded to me, following me wherever I was in the house.  My husband created a maze in the backyard for the boys to play in and they love chasing each other and wrestling.  Their recall is improving every day and are even obeying a few commands like "sit" and "lie down".  We are currently working on "paw".  Felix is the big cuddler.  He just loves being cuddled and loves belly rubs.  Oscar loves them too but he is the investigator of everything and most times is patrolling the house!  He has his Squeaky bear that he carries around with him and won't go to bed without it.  While they are brothers from the same litter, they are two totally opposite little characters and the name choice my husband and I made suits them to a T.  Thank you Minpinerie for connecting me with our furbabies.  We love them to pieces.”


Edith says “I raised two sons, and working with Tinkerbelle to bring out her best has been just like mothering a young child again. But, she does have a delightful personality. My husband and I have commented many times about all the ways she has of communicating what she wants, such as barks, silent barks, little growls, and how perfect she is for us. ‎ She has also been able to adapt to snuggling with and being cared for by two people. Somehow in her little head she keeps track of how much time she should spend with each of us. We just let her decide that. Thanks again for helping me adopt this little treasure! …It is hard to believe that it has been only two months as she has become such a part of our daily lives.  Dressing her and taking her out for walks no longer seems like a chore, and she often does something new that we have to laugh about.  I realized that she does not know how to play, so I have bought a couple of dog toys to help her be creative and more active.  The long walks, which will become longer in the warmer weather, also help.”


Matthew and Jennifer say “We fell in love with Frankie and adopted him the same day we met him. He missed Steven the first night but he settled right in. Frankie loves to play with his toys (especially his stuffed donkey) and snuggling with us is his number one priority. We tuck him into his doggie bed every night before we go to sleep, but he somehow manages to find his way onto our bed and under the covers in the middle of the night! He hates wearing his doggie coat and boots (despite looking adorable), but refuses to walk more than ten steps if he doesn’t have them on. Frankie loves to visit the dog park everyday and chase the dogs 3 times his size. He loves peanut butter filled Kongs, mashed sweet potato, and denta sticks. We love having Frankie in our lives! Thank you, Louise, Steven, and Minpinerie!"


Nancy sends this update from adopting Jake on March 3, 2013! “When I went to meet Jake he immediately laid on his back and asked for a tummy rub and I couldn't resist him. Ruth had advised me that Jake had some separation anxiety and that we would have to work on a few things. Did he ever! The great thing is that Minpinerie prepared me for this with a lot of information. I worked hart with Jack and if you met him today you would never know 🙂 He knows I will forever be his mommy. He is an amazing dog so cuddly and loving. He has the cutest tail wag and a little soul when he really wants your attention. Jake now has a little (BIG) sister too it took a little adjustment at first but now if she leaves the house without him, he sits by the door anxiously awaiting her return. I'm extremely grateful to Minpinerie for rescuing Jake so that he would eventually find his way to me."


Jen and Russ adopted Zappa in 2015! “It's like he's always been here!  He loves to snuggle with my Doberman and sunbathe.  We've come a long way on his confidence and he is a lot better meeting people without barking at them.  He wants nothing more than to please us and tries to be a good boy.  It took a bit too but he now plays with us and loves to snuggle too. Thank you so much for trusting us with him he has been such an addition to our home!”


Meredith says “We are so lucky to have been entrusted with the happiness and wellbeing of our now treasured beyond imagination, chocolate MinPin Wylie, formerly Brett, formerly Mudslide. He has helped to fill the whole in our hearts left by Shadow, our 15 year old MinPin rescue, who passed away this winter after 13 years by my side. He has also become the new best friend for our 8 year-old MinPin Cora who misses Shadow so. Wylie is gentle, friendly, funny and curious and loves my kids even though they can sometimes be a lot to handle. I couldn't imagine our home without him. Thank you!”


Bambi (previously Jude) was adopted by Jimin and Josephine at the start of 2016 at about 10 months. “He has become such an important part of our lives and we couldn't be happier. He came to us a very thin (<5 lbs) and somewhat timid puppy. However, after a couple of months, it became apparent that he is just the most sweetest dog and the biggest snuggle bug (will take EVERY chance to jump into your lap to snuggle). He is also coming along nicely with his behaviour towards strangers with the help of his brother Bow. He is now a healthy 9.5 lb jumping bundle of joy, spending his days running alongside his brother at the park, and digging a comfy spot on the couch under the blankets for a nap. Thank you Minpinerie for bringing us together, we couldn't imagine life without him!”


Maria says “Nico (was Rooseveldt) has come along way from when I 1st got him on the easter weekend in March 2016 he was a shy little guy he has adapted very well to his new forever home my family all love him & so do we. He sleeps in our bed & under the covers sometimes. love is walks & his toys to play with...I take him the pet store to get used to other dogs & he does fine with other dogs.”


Kristen says “Asher has been the missing piece to our families puzzle. He is so loving, gentle and cuddly. Night or day he is found snuggling under the covers. His brother Toby, Yorkie poo and Asher often wrestle and keep another company. Even Bear the kitty cat is coming around. I rescued Asher just over 6 weeks ago from a shelter in Kentucky not knowing at all what I was walking into, however, it was the best thing I could have ever done. Asher is a fun, loving, vocal boy who has won over my heart as well as the rest of the family and friends. Thank you Minipinerie!”


Kanthima says “Muppet is part of our family for over six months now. When Muppet first arrived he was always hide behind corners and growls like he does not trust anyone. Now, he knows that he have found a new family that cares and loves him so much! He also get along so well with Otie his furever brother! We love our Muppet and we know he loves us too <3 Thank you Minpinerie, because of you guys Muppet found his furever home and we found the sweetest loving dog!”


Carter Sleeping
Carter all dressed up
"He's doing great! All potty trained and we taught him tricks as well sit, stay, shake paw, lay down, crawl, bark, turn and jump (we are currently working on roll over). [...] He comes to work everyday and he meets so many dogs. The next step is agility classes this summer. [...] He's honestly the best dog ever and thank you for helping us find him."
We are so glad a wonderful dog like Carter found such a wonderful home!


Maya was adopted by Jane in early 2015! She says “Maya has a delightful personality. She’s enthusiastic and affectionate. She’s shows such great appreciation when you give her anything or do anything for her. She loves her walk down by the water and has learned

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quickly on the leash not to pull. Biggest challenge is to get her to greet people coming into my home gracefully. She prefers to establish that this is her home and she’s there to protect it and to that end she barks ruthlessly. She is improving in this though. In short, Maya is a keeper!” What a cute face!

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Twiggy (was named Cza Cza) was adopted by Erika in early 2015. “I just want to let you know that I’m a very happy girl. I get to go for walks every day, eat food made just for me and my older brother Alfie. I sleep in my mom and dad’s bed, but have plenty of my own beds. I love to go outside even in the winter.

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does not bother me at all. Here are some pictures of me and my brother, and a couple of words from my mom.” Erika says “We never imagined that Cza Cza, the skinny adorable looking Chi X we renamed Twiggy would be such a mini-nightmare. She was a pint-sized monster, parking at some family members non-stop. Not knowing how to handle little Twiggy’s refusal of one family member, the barking went on for weeks. Luckily, we met an experienced dog walker Pandora Organ of Positively fun Canine Care in the doggie park and thanks to her we learned how to train and discipline Twiggy. Now we have that adorable doggie we expected, a wonderful well-behaved pet that loves to cuddle with all the members of the family. It is just so wonderful to have a friendly, positive dog. Thanks Minpinerie for Twiggy!” Way to go in solving her problem Erika! Inspirational!

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Darwin (who went by Kingdom) was adopted by Kathy and her family in early 2015. Kathy says “I want to thank everyone at Minpinerie for your continuous dedication to these dogs. Sometimes I wonder where Kingdom (now renamed to Darwin), would be without your help. Our family is truly grateful for everything you do. We are so lucky to be matched

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with this little puppy. He keeps our two pomeranians on their feet with his antics. Since he came into our lives, he has brought back the joy and energy that seemed to be missing over the past year (after the passing of our pom-chi) . From the moment I brought him through the door, he was home. There are no words to describe the happiness we share with Darwin. He’s so popular within our community that he has his own Instagram page, Darwinthepapillon. Thank you so much Minpinerie!” What a nice set of ears!

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T-bone was adopted by Ann in early 2015. Ann says “T-Bone is very happy in his new forever home with his six family members. He absolutely loves to snuggle and cuddle. He enjoys taking his daily walks with “mum” as his special time of the day and getting treats for his good behaviour. All of us consider ourselves so fortunate to have found him. We love him so much!” What cute ears!!!


Socks was adopted by Rosemary in early 2015. He is a senior of 12 years who was brought in with senior Missy (see below) and senior dogs have so much to offer! Socks is a calm, friendly guy who likes to cuddle. Rosemary says “He is doing well – really affectionate little guy, and getting along well with our other dogs. We go for walks now that the snow is gone, and he really loves to walk around the park. He has gotten to know the back yard, and he loves to sit outside sunning himself whenever he gets a chance.” What a lovely boy and we are so happy for you!


Niki was adopted by Genvieve in early 2015!! She was a quiet and insecure girl when she came into rescue, but is learning to relax, enjoy walks and playtime. Niki’s ears look like they have been trimmed, but they just have an little odd back-fold!! Cute!


Freddy was adopted by Stephanie in early 2015! He is now called ‘Chekov.’ Stephanie says “As a first time dog owner I had my concerns, but we bonded instantly and he has become such an amazing part of my life. I’m currently at home recovering from surgery and he’s sleeping beside me. His behaviour has gotten much better and he loves playing with his stuffed moose and sleeping under covers with me. Thank you Minpinerie for rescuing this little ball of sunshine. He brings so much joy to my life.” So cute!


Su adopted Eve (now called Coco) in early 2015. She says “At first we had some trials and tribulations that led to doubts about whether the “relationship” would work out but it wasn’t long before our little girl captured our hearts and now we could not imagine giving her up for any reason. She is so sweet, smart, energetic, cuddly. It’s been a joy to observe her progress week after week and we know it will keep getting better. I urge anyone who has been “thinking about” getting a dog but is hesitating to take the plunge – you won’t regret it!!” YUP!


Kevin adopted Louie (formally Duke, formally Harpo) in February 2015. “He has gained all his weight back and has become the most lovable MinPin I have ever met. He and Georgie get along great and he has even warmed up to the neighbours. My only complaint is that my furniture is taking a beating from all the running and wrestling him and Georgie do. He has gotten over his fear of his food dish completely, he will even let you pet him while he is eating, rare for a Min Pin.I think he has become a very happy dog and we have become very happy dog owners.” Lovely!


Stephanie adopted Molly in summer 2015! “I adore her. She is a handful but she follows Bonds lead a lot so she hasn’t done much she shouldn’t. She does love garbage. Lol we had to change the garbage cans to make sure they all have tops. housetraining has come along great only a couple accidents on rainy days.

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And we have so many toys and bones she hasn’t chewed anything she’s not supposed too. She loves the dog park, we go everyday and she runs ALOT. Her recall is very good. Still working on everything else, but training classes are helping. She is scared of my mothers cat. I also noticed she LOVES children. She can’t get enough of my niece and nephew. She and Bond are inseparable. They play, snuggle and do everything together, expect when Molly is into something she shouldn’t be, she loves getting into my purse and we have to have tin foil on the kitchen chairs or she will sit on the table.”

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John adopted Harley in spring 2014. “He is now a full year with us, what a wonderful dog. He gets about two hours of exercise per day most of it off leash Harley gained about 3 pounds., He is a muscular dog and very healthy. We love him very much and he shows his affection very freely. Harley still loves his belly rubs.” Wonderful!

Gizmo & Maya

Gypsy and MJ, now Gizmo and Maya, were adopted fall 2014 by Candice. These two tiny cuties have had quite the North American journey! Mary Jane and Gypsy came all the way from Kentucky, where they had been surrendered as the owners were moving. They love each other and needed to stay together!

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Luckily they were found by Candice on our website and then they were flown from Ottawa to be with Candice in B.C.! Candice is very happy with ‘her girls’ and we are delighted they found a great home! Candice says “I have had one hell of a year the past year but I couldn’t imagine it without my girls. I love them both so much and they have changed so much. The absolutely LOVE the sun and love the beach so much. I wanted to send off a few photos from our adventurous day at the beach.”

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Pepper was adopted by Jaye in spring 2015!!! “Joy abounds in my heart and I just had to share. As some of you may know, I have one full blood Italian Greyhound (Mimi), one Italian Greyhound/Fox Terrier ? mix (Charlie), one MinPin/Chi mix (Twister) and we are in the process of adopting Pepper who was adopted and returned. We have had Pepper in our pack since mid-May and what a joy. Mimi is the oldest at 12 and is a puppy mill girl that I adopted a little over 3 years ago. She has

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been extremely shy and very slow to come around. Pepper has changed our home – she is a silly girl and doesn’t put up with much crabbiness or jealousy from the boys but best of all – she and Mimi have become buddies. Mimi is now running around the house and being as silly as Italian Greyhounds (IGs) usually are. Pepper has done more to put the boys in their place and bring Mimi out of her shell than I could ever have done. She is one awesome girl and I am so lucky to have found her and she completes our pack perfectly.” WOOHOO!!!

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Bentley (formerly known as Bandit) was adopted recently by Cyrena and Armand. “He is doing wonderful! He has settled into our home/routine very nicely. We just love him to bits! He is so affectionate and loves to be snuggled under a blanket with us. He loves

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going on his daily walks and we have even ventured to the dog park and pet store! He gets smiles and pets everywhere he goes because he is just so darn cute. I’ve learned he does not like the rain or even walking through puddles lol We are starting to work on his commands and he is catching on very quickly! We can’t thank IMPS and Minpinerie enough for all your help and hard work in making this adoption happen for Bentley. He is such a good dog, its hard to believe that someone ever gave him up! We are so lucky to have him! THANK YOU!!!” Thank you!

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Diamond was adopted in mid-2015 by Bernie, Jason, Tiki and Bonita, who say “I really do not have the words to thank-you enough for bringing this special little girl into our lives:) Diamond, honestly, is a perfect fit for our family!! I’m really not sure why this little gem was ever given up and how she ended up at your rescue BUT she did and we are so very thankful!! I took yesterday off to spend time with her and to see how the other 2 dogs would be:). It went very smooth except she

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was able to find a little hole under the fence and was eager to explore the neighbourhood!!! We learned our lesson very quickly!! Today was a real test. My husband had to work and then went to the Blue Jays game and I had to work at the golf course. We weren’t ready to leave her at home with the other 2 dogs so I brought her to work with me??? Long story short…she was nothing less than amazing. She rode beside me in the cart ALL day with a quick little break inside to get out of the heat. Every golfer wanted to pet her and she picked up very quickly that was a good thing. She never barked or growled once. And then…..I took the plunge. I let her off leash and drove off, she was the happiest little thing I’ve ever seen. She ran and ran and ran beside the cart and when I stopped to see if the golfers needed anything she would come right up to me or sniff around a bit but would never wander off to far….then I’d say “Diamond come” and she would run and run and run…What you all do is amazing!! Louise, thank-you for following your gut feeling and saving this little previous girl for us!! We will be forever grateful!!” What a happy girl!!!

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Baby, now called Lana, was adopted by Sadhika in July 2015. “She had a very timid and frightened demeanour but was incredibly sweet nonetheless. When I adopted her, she was shy with strangers, nervous, skittish, hated loud noises, and did not like walking on streets when other people or cars were around. Within two months Lana has made such great progress not only with me but with other dogs and people as well. After a horrible start to life, Lana now spends her time being hugged and kissed by mommy, going for walks, chewing on raw hides, and watching Netflix in bed. Lana has been such a blessing in my life. Thanks to all the volunteers at the Minpinerie for their knowledge and hard work!!” What a face! We love your eyes Lana!


Auggie was adopted by Manoo and her family in 2015 and she says he is a happy go-lucky dog. He loves his sister Moxie (long hair standard Dachshund). They play all the time and are now inseparable. “I have taken Auggie to basic obedience classes and he did good there. He is still a work in progress as he gets very excited when going for a walk and pulls on his leash but he is working on that. At the beginning he didn’t know what playing is but soon he started warming up to the idea and now he even invents his on games. I must say for a dog who had spent all his life in a shelter and did not have much interaction with humans or dogs, is doing fine and getting better day by day! He is an absolute cuddle bug and loves and demands attention. We feel very lucky to have him in our family and cannot imagine life without him. Thank you Minpinerie for all you do and for bringing us together.” So nice to see friends enjoying life!!


Whisper was adopted by James and his family in mid-2015. They say she has made a 360 degree turnabout. She is a much more happy, loving and a very healthy little girl. She gets along with our two cats, and gets along well with strangers who come into our home. She is a good guard dog, letting us know if anyone is in the vicinity. We named her “Whisper” hoping she would live up to her name, but that hasn’t happened yet. We love her dearly, and wish to thank the Minpin organization, and it’s staff for finding us the right dog who has made us both so happy to have her. P.S. Hi, it’s Whisper, I just want you to know, I am a proud Senators fan!” Go Senators, go! And go Whisper!!!


Quipper, now Kipper, was adopted by Teresa and her family in mid-2015. “Kipper has settled in quite well with us, and has made a number of human and dog friends in the neighbourhood in the last few months. He is a very fast dog – and is the life of the dog park. Thanks so much for your help in bringing Kipper into our lives, and for taking good care of him after he got here from the States. He’s brought us a lot of joy already, and we’re looking forward to many good years ahead.” What lovely eyes you have Kipper!


Diesel was adopted by Dean in mid-2015. He is blind in one eye but that does not stop him! Dean says “Diesel is an awesome companion. He loves traveling and seeing new places and has been truly a real joy to join me on the road. And, of course, is spoiled rotten.” Diesel is a great trucking dog!!! Way to go Diesel!


Bambi was adopted by Maia in 2015! “Bambi is still doing marvelous. Her eye has healed completely and she continues to love running in the yard and playing with her rubber rooster; I have attached a couple pics for you. There has been no issues between her and Patty and I no longer crate her and she is fine alone. Thanks! Maia” Nice tongue Bambi!!


Pebbles is nine year old chi who was adopted in 2015 by Minpinerie volunteer Lise right off the transport! Pebbles says: Woof everyone! Mammi says that I’m a very pretty and good girl and that she’s so happy to have me share her home. Yup, yup. What’s my secret? I’m a terrific negotiator…I now have my very own person pillow on the floor next to our bed. I also got to keep two down-filled napping bags. This over-shedding-covered-box-pooping thing isn’t even allowed up. Yap. Mammi may clean fuzzy’s box once a day but she comes outside with me five or six times a day! Yap. Move over puff ball. I am Chi Hua Hua! Oh! I’m smart, too. Mammi said I know better than to jump on our chair and stick my tongue up her nostril. Yap. Now I wait until it’s less crowded. Yap. Yap. Mammie’s a keeper. Thank you for finding her.” Enjoy the couches Pebbles!!!


Betty was adopted by Randy and his family in 2015. Betty came all the way from Kentucky with Bess (now Tessa, see her story way down below). They were originally found together taking shelter in an abandoned house — starving, cold and alone. Concerned neighbours and rescue folk got close to them and then they were treated, fixed and shipped north in due course, to Minpinerie and to two great families! Here is Betty and her best friend Buster in the backyard. Randy says “They are inseparable.” Great to hear – from rags to riches, from alone and vulnerable to loved and cared for.


Donovan (now called Dudley) was adopted by Danielle and her family in July 2015. Dudley is an unusual mix!!!! He’s a Basset Hound Rotweiller mix who came to Ottawa from Kentucky where he was found as a stray with a little note that said “He has a big bark but is ever so loving” and so loving he is!! In Dudley’s words, from Danielle: “My new family is awesome. I have two boys now to play ball with and two cat friends! I never thought I’d be friends with a cat, but they were very patient with me and I’ve even stopped barking at them. Mama told me a million times that they are not squirrels and now I believe her. I love watching squirrels and birds. I have a big back yard that I can lie around in and watch them while Dad putters around in his workshop. Or I can lay in the sunny window with my cats and look outside while my cats snooze. I’ve gone on lots of adventures since coming here. We went camping and hiking and they even let me come in the canoe with them! I was so still and just watched the birds fly over us. Then we had campfires and they let me sing along while they played guitar!! My little hound heart just loved howling out the song of my people. I don’t really need to bark anymore. Mama told me that just because I’m short I’m still a big dog and no one is judging me so I can let that big bark go now.” Lowrider love!!


Miniboots (now called JEWEL) was originally rescued from Kansas USA. At the time of her rescue this poor dog couldn’t even walk due to her back hips being collapsed. She was caged for 16 hours/day in a pen too small for her. Her new (forever) owner Colleen says “Many thank you’s go out to the shelter in Kansas and to Minpinerie where she was ultimately rehabilitated within weeks. From then on she was fostered and we adopted her just 2 months later. She is so bright and loves training. She loves her walks twice a day and has become very sociable with both other dogs and people alike. She loves her treats; her favorites being baby carrots, fresh peas, green beans, watermelon and even banana!! She is incredibly sweet and cuddly. Jewel loves belly rubs and even discovered that she enjoys the water. She is getting along well with her new roommate, a 10 year old Papillon. They walk together so closely that they actually bump one another often. She is super happy. If she is not on the couch sleeping, you can always find her on her bench in the front bay window watching the world outside. She doesn’t play with toys as she prefers a soft touch and tone. We couldn’t be happier; nor do I think could she. Many thanks to the Minpinerie for saving this 5 year old little girl. You are all saints and your work/volunteerism is so appreciated as our family could not imagine life without our precious gem; our Jewel.” So great to hear!

Lucy Lou

Lucy Lou was adopted in July 2015 by Kristi and Roger. They say: “When our beloved minpin, Ceildh, passed away in April 2015 at the age of 15, we decided we would spend a few years dog-free so we could travel, etc. However, after only a few months, we knew something was missing in our home – the love and laughs of a minpin. Of course, Louise had the “perfect minpin” for us that needed a loving, forever home. She explained that she had a wonderful, little four year old girl who had recently arrived from a shelter in Ohio (her history unknown) and was currently staying with a foster dad, Steve. Steve called us and told us all about Lucy Lou. Well, the rest is history 🙂 We both fell in love with Lucy the second we saw her. We are an active, outdoor family and Lucy has really taken to cycling and kayaking. She loves car rides but is also extremely happy at home, curled up in her favorite chair in the sunshine. This chair happens to be the leather chair, purchased shortly before her arrival, the chair we decided when we brought her home that she would not be allowed in! Her favorite hobby is knitting and helping us exercise. She is a pro at doing the “downward dog”. Lucy craves human touch and we are only too willing to provide that to her. She spends a great deal of her time in our arms or cuddled up beside us. She is so cuddly and lovable. Sometimes her “minpin” behaviour makes us laugh so hard she brings us to tears. When we brought her home to our place in the country she didn’t seem to take notice of a frog hopping in front of her, a leaf blowing, etc. Also, a long blade of grass or a weed seemed like a scary jungle to her. We don’t know why, perhaps there was just so much to adjust to and she hadn’t been a country dog. Now, three months later she will plow headlong into the long grass/weeds and enjoys several hikes a week on the woodland trails near our home. Lucy isn’t a fan of strong wind or cooler temperatures, so we are waiting to see how she will adapt our cold winter. Perhaps her new favorite spot will be curled up near our woodstove. Lucy is more comfortable around female humans but after getting to know her male humans she gets more comfortable, even her very tall big brother human, skittish at first, she will now cuddle with him for hours. Lucy’s human dad is home all day with her and her human mom works four days a week. Every day when Kristi arrives home from work she gets the best welcome anyone could ask for. Lucy comes running, spins in circles and jumps into her arms. She has to sit down and cuddle before she can take her coat/shoes off. We must say, although we give her so much love and care we still feel she gives us more☺ Before we finish, Lucy has a message:

“Thanks to everyone involved in helping me find my forever home. Thank you to the shelter and Minpinerie staff and volunteers, to the driver who brought me to the Minpinerie and a big thanks to Louise and Ruth. Thanks Steve for sharing your home, your time and your love. Sorry about the pillowcase :)” Lucy is forever grateful to you all!” What a great life!


Mason (now Reggie) was adopted by Tom and family in 2015. He says ” He’s the cutest little dog and our dog Georgie is getting along very well with the new addition to the family.” Mason is a very little guy!


Buster, now Ted, was adopted by Ryan, Katie, Piggy and Aidan in 2014! He had been up for adoption for quite a while! “Not knowing what to expect, but prepared for anything, we welcomed Buster with open arms. We were told that we had 21 days to decide if he was going to be the right fit for our home or not. After spending a few days together, he quickly found his comfort zone. It wasn’t long after that, we decided on a new name for him and that name is Teddy. He earned this name mainly due to his elite snuggling powers and his undying desire to make himself a permanent ornament on our bed. After reaching the 21st day, we kept waiting for the little monster inside to unleash itself, but it never did. Instead Ted continued to fit himself into our family like he has been here all his life. Just a happy little soul, thankful for a new home. Every day Teddy gives us his undying attention and love. He rarely leaves our side and has found his life long best friend in our other Min Pin Piggy. We will be forever grateful. While we can never thank you enough for all hard work that you do. As a token of our immense appreciation for all of you at the Minpinerie, Katie and I have made a donation on behalf of Ted. We know this money will be put to great use to help other families find their Ted.” Way to go Ted!!


Zoee was adopted in 2015 by Pete and Chris. Chris says “She is doing awesome. She has come a long way. She now weighs 10 lbs. (since beg. of May). She has even warmed up to “Daddy”. She doesn’t startle quite as quickly anymore although I don’t think she’ll ever like the big bendy-busses or keys. She loves to visit Nanny and Poppa and makes herself comfy on their sofa with her blankies. She loves car rides. Once in a while I’ll take her up to the senior’s residence to visit and she doesn’t mind too much. Of course the seniors all love her and think she’s so cute. She sleeps in bed with us the whole night through. She even enjoys her crate which sits in the dining room and will sometimes go in by herself when I’m working in there. I bought her a really good “Chilly Dogs” winter coat which keeps her nice and cozy and she’ll go for a 30-40 minute walk without any complaints. She is very close/attached to me and sits or lays down beside me whenever I’m on the sofa, which is often, throughout the day. Whenever I come home she does this major “happy dance” and goes flying over onto the sofa (as if she’s trying to say ‘okay Mom, park yourself for awhile’ – ha, ha). Oh my God Lou, she’s just too cute and soooo precious. Even my husband loves her to bits! We are so thankful and blessed to have her. I can’t thank you, Ruth and Minpinerie enough for all you’ve done to bring Zoee into our lives.” What a cute face!


Winnie was adopted in 2015 after waiting a long time, by Anne and Jeff, and Anne has special things to say about adopting a senior! “After losing my own dog after 16 years in December of 2014 I was apprehensive about adopting. A friend a work sent me a link for senior pet adoptions, scrolling through the pages I saw Winnie’s profile and looked at it for 4 months before I contacted your organization. After a teary phone call with Louise about my trepidation I told her my frequent visits to Winnie’s page. Louise described Winnie as being the “most melancholy dog.” She had been “homed” twice but they had not been successful. Louise offered to show us others but I could not be swayed, after one visit to Ruth’s we went back a few weeks later and brought her home. My husband has never had a pet before but I am guessing that some time in Winnie’s 8-10 years (her age is unknown) she was loved very much by a man because she dances, jumps, shakes all paws (even one of her back legs) and follows Jeff around relentlessly. No door can be shut where he is concerned and she is even known to scratch on the shower enclosure when he’s showering. He owns his own business so sometimes she spends the day with him in the truck too with her own blanket and water dish (and the odd timbit too, I’m guessing). Every day without fail she waits at the patio door for him to come home and a whole production of jumping, running, tricks and treats takes about 20 minutes. It’s hard not to feel a bit snubbed but she loves me as well (just not as vocally!) she is a great snuggler and often curls up in the chair with me when I am reading and when working nights she will often come to bed again after Jeff leaves for work to keep me company curling up with his pyjama pants and pillow. She eats well and has lost some weight with frequent but short walks. When meeting new people she is still a bit shy and will hide behind Jeff until she feels comfortable but has never once growled or nipped. Winnie coming home with us that day made our home and our family complete. We were married this summer and had an outdoor wedding just so she could attend. Our catered lunch even included homemade, iced dog cookies which we a huge hit for her and my son’s dog. It was the perfect day! For anyone who thinks that adopting a senior dog would be a waste I cannot encourage you enough. The love and loyalty are immeasurable. Thank you Louise for the patient and kind words when I was struggling to decide, never knowing if I could love another dog as much as I did my Chloe. I think often of how you said our first dogs leave us a legacy- of learning to love more and over again for all of our pets to come. Thank you Minpinerie, I cannot tell you how happy we are with our “melancholy” girl.” So happy this senior found love!!!


Jester, now Max, was adopted in 2015 by Eric and Barb, and lives in NB! “It’s been one year already so we wanted to let you know that Max (Jester) has been enjoying life. He’s a great addition to our family and has bonded well with our 10 year-old Minpin Riley. Here are a few clips of what Max has been up to over the past year. ENJOY! ”


Toxon, now Ollie was adopted by Dave and Tina in 2015! Dave says ” He is doing extremely well and making huge strides in becoming a lovable, cuddly member of the family. He no longer spends hours in his crate, but loves playing with his toys and looks forward to his walks (and runs) outside. He now wags his tail feverishly whenever his mom or dad enters the apartment, and loves his pre-bedtime doggie-massages.” Loving his life!


Daisy was adopted in late 2015 by Kelly and family! “She says Daisy has brought a smile back to our lives after being without a dog for two years. She is gentle and playful. Daisy is smart and even plays hide and seek. A real treasure, thanks Minpinerie!” Nice kisses Daisy!!


Brennie, now Ollie was adopted in 2014 by Jessica and family. He had been found in the cold after wandering for days and being abused and starved. Jessica says “His foster mom and dad did an amazing job at bringing him back to good health and showing him a healthy way of life! When he went to his forever home, he adjusted well and made himself right at home! Once Ollie learned how to play with toys, he made everything his toy! He loves to cuddle and rest, dog park visits, hiking in the trails and long walks. He is so happy to have a forever home and is fiercely loyal to his humans. He loves to play with other dogs, especially his girlfriend Maya! And he never tells her that she is too big.” From cold to cuddled!


Ty was adopted by Karen in 2015 after waiting a while on our site. Ty is an older dear dog who has found a great home!! Karen says “He has settled in nicely. He is ‘practically perfect in every way’ just like Mary Poppins. He has never had an accident in the house, he doesn’t bark when I am away, walks well on leash, and ignored the cats (that’s a picture of the two cats below). He curls up beside me as soon as I sit down on the sofa and curls up on the bed as well. Lately he has been trying to usurp my Siamese cat’s place in bed but that’s not going to happen….it was hilarious watching [one of our cats] yowl, growl, and hiss at the dog while Ty didn’t even acknowledge his existence. The cat was very confused and a little bit ticked off, so eventually he gave up on the hissing and stuff since it had no effect. Last week I was able to give all three of them treats in the kitchen at the same time. With my Labrador retriever, it took the cat 18 months to tolerate the dog. He does bark a bit at some people, but corrects easily. He does get grumpy with some dogs, but I think I need to introduce him to other dogs in a different way. He is a lovely confident little guy who immediately took to my house as if he had always lived there. It was only a few days until he knew the routine and now anticipates what I’m going to do before I do it. When we go for walks, he doesn’t ‘walk’ so much as prance along. I don’t think I could have a better companion. He’s Ty-rrific!” He sure is!