Nancy sends this update from adopting Jake on March 3, 2013! “When I went to meet Jake he immediately laid on his back and asked for a tummy rub and I couldn't resist him. Ruth had advised me that Jake had some separation anxiety and that we would have to work on a few things. Did he ever! The great thing is that Minpinerie prepared me for this with a lot of information. I worked hart with Jack and if you met him today you would never know 🙂 He knows I will forever be his mommy. He is an amazing dog so cuddly and loving. He has the cutest tail wag and a little soul when he really wants your attention. Jake now has a little (BIG) sister too it took a little adjustment at first but now if she leaves the house without him, he sits by the door anxiously awaiting her return. I'm extremely grateful to Minpinerie for rescuing Jake so that he would eventually find his way to me."