Rainbow Bridge

Nunu – adopted by Minpinerie adoption coordinator Louise. “Beautiful 14 yr old Nunu had been with me for almost 7 years. Considered unadoptable because of her attitude and non-stop barking. To me, her “attitude” was part of her charm: 50%bully, 50%hussy! What can i say?: they were right about the barking!!! She was much loved. Nunu did not so much go for walks, as she did “toddling dog-threatening expeditions.”  I will miss her nub tail wagging, which involved her entire rear end moving with delight. Another angel joins our Minpinerie family in Dog Heaven. Nunu will surely and loudly let everybody know there is a new boss in town when she gets there. Her fur sister Molly and her mom Louise will miss her terribly. Here is a photo of her when she was about 8 or 9 and one from last year all tucked in her little bed. (this is really how she slept most of the time!) Sweet forever dreams, pretty girl!”






Zappa – Jen and Russ lost Zappa in Nov 2018. “He was a huge fighter, even with his bad heart murmur…He was a fantastic addition to our household (was named Dax when he was with you – April 2015).  Thank you so much for allowing us to have him for his last days. His spunky-ness and energy will truly be missed in our home ❤️” (Thank you Jen and Russ for taking this dog for the last years of his life.)




dory 2

Dory passed on in August 2018. Rebecca says “Last year I was very blessed to be able adopt Dory, formerly Mattie on a chance from your rescue. With a breaking heart I must relay she passed away from sudden heart failure. We had a wonderful year and three months and I am devistated by her loss. She was a joyful little bundle of fur and spunky bark. I wanted to let you know, because if not for your rescue I wouldn’t have been gifted with the opportunity to take her into my life and experience the unconditional love and positivity she bestowed on everyone. She is so dearly missed.



Linus passed away in August 2017. Susan says “I adopted one of your dogs about 6 years ago. Linus had diabetes. Well, six years later little Linus had to be put down on August 8th. He was totally blind and totally deaf. However, he was the light of my life. This dog made every day a joy for my husband and I. He didn’t lick, didn’t bite or bark.  Every vet told me that they had never seen a better minpin.  At this time my heart is breaking and I would like to ask should you every come across another Linus would you please let me know. My life is empty and my husband and I are lost without him. Please keep me in mind if you think you would have a good match for us.”


late 2016 and 2017 Memorials

Suzanne has adopted two Minpins from Minpinerie and remembers them here. “Cora was for my mom and dad, who were moving in with me. That was over 6 or 7 years ago. And then I adopted little Louis 4 years ago. Sadly both have passed away. Cora such a sweetheart and a great comfort to my mom and dad. She had kidneys issues and really bad arthritis and we had to eventually make the gut wrenching decision to euthanize her as she was in more pain than we could control. Louis was my baby, I miss him every day. I had never lost a dog so young. Louis had constant urinary tract infections and was often on antibiotics. [After much vetting, we lost him] He was such a great spirit and a lovely soul.”




Teddy was not a Minpinerie dog, but was the best friend of Minpinerie adoptee Buttercup, both owned by Minpinerie volunteer Treena and her hubby. “Teddy our beloved husky mix was 13.5 when he passed in July. He was very strong until his last few days. He guarded this property and me, with his few German Shepherd genes. He played and retrieved sticks and his ball in the water and out, with his Mom’s Black Lab genes. He was talky and smart from his Husky genes. He and Buttercup were best buddies and wrestled and walked the forest paths together and loved the local gravel pit adventures. We and Buttercup are missing him terribly. He was a brave, funny, happy, smart, handsome and loving boy who was a precious addition to our lives and we were blessed to know him. We love you Teddy, forever and ever.”





Dianna says “I adopted a beautiful little female min-pin in 2006, Savannah.  She passed away in December 2016. She was a sweet, sweet little thing, prone to barking and it took her about 6 months to settle in a realize this was her forever home.  I miss her big personality every day but she ended up in a great home for 10 years of her life. She loved nothing better than curling up in a blanket in the sun. Still miss the little thing. She had a big personality for such a little one.”




A few years ago, Brent & Dawn adopted Cinnamon (was  named Red). “We are very sad to say she developed Cushings Disease. We wish to thank you [Ruth] for the time we had with her. She was the “perfect dog” for our family. I am not sure if she was a ‘typical’ Min Pin but she was the sweetest most loving and trusting dog. She was calm and quiet and wonderful with my 9 year old daughter. Everyone who met her was won over by her sweet temperament. She was my daughters best friend. She made a good watchdog because she alerted us when people came to the door but was not very ‘barky’ otherwise. You did such a wonderful job with matching us with Cinnamon that we would like to ask you to try again.”




John says “My beloved Rocky passed away on Tuesday August 29 2017. Despite have a few health issues, Cushing’s disease and being deaf, my lovely Rocky lead life and every day with a joy and happiness that most humans only dream of having. Although my little Rockstar left us on Tuesday, he will always remain in my heart and has changed me forever – making me a better person. There wasn’t a day that went by when this little guy didn’t make me laugh. Always by my side, and watching my every move (hence his nick name “the little supervisor”) Rocky never missed a beat. Although I had to let my little man go, I will always carry his memory in my heart. Love you Rocky, rest in peace.”


the two


Rainbow bridge update mid-2017

Here are some recent remembrances sent our way…


Celine and Hubby adopted Sheba many years ago. She said recently, addressing Minpinerie founder Ruth: “If memory serves, you were the lady who came to my home in Cornwall to show us some dogs  so many years ago. We took in Sheba a lovely girl who had had a tough start in life in Ohio. She was chubby and loved my two boys right from the first minute, my husband, she took a while to warm up to.  I wanted to let you know that she has been an important part of our family these past ten years. She witnessed our children growing into young adulthood and was our constant friend. She tobogganed with the kids, came camping with us and joined in our visits to grandma’s. As dogs tend to do, she became a senior all too quickly and we had to make the difficult decision to let her go and end her suffering yesterday. My sorrow over her loss had me checking out the Minpin rescue website and didn’t I see your name beside another dog, Phoenix, I think. I just had to write and let you know how your work with dogs made such an incredible difference in our lives. Bless you and your efforts to find the right families for your charges. I’m sure there are hundreds of stories out there like ours that you are a part of.”


Kat and her family adopted Miko (formerly “Big Mac”) back in 2007. “MinPinerie pulled him from the euthanasia list at the Quebec SPCA where he’d been languishing since being surrendered by his previous owners. Although Miko was already seven years old when I adopted him, he was still full of life, love and energy! Miko was a dear companion over the past decade we shared together. He was endlessly giving with his love and affection – whether over hikes through the woods, strolls around the neighbourhood or cuddles on lazy days. My family is saddened by Miko’s recent passing but we take solace in the fact that we had a long and happy near decade together, during which time Miko came into his own and transformed from a terrified, anxious and neglected rescue to a well-adjusted, cuddly, content and beloved fur-baby. Deepest thanks to MinPinerie for its tireless commitment in saving these sweet dogs and especially for bringing Miko into our lives! Again, many thanks for your kindness and commitment in bringing Miko in our family and for your laudable work in establishing MinPinerie!”


A message from her to her beloved owner Louisa... “I'm not there with you today but know that I haven't gone astray. I am the wind blowing through your hair and the warmth you feel in the air. When that smile creeps on your face, remember that I am in a good place. And when you're feeling sad and down, recall memories of me running around. You don't need to look low and high, just search way deep inside. And know that we'll never be apart, for I have left my pawprints on your heart. Misty xoxo”


Dean his beloved owner said in early summer 2016... "It is with a very heavy heart that I am writing to you today. I lost my best friend and travel companion last night due to pancreatic cancer last night. I am the truck driver that adopted Diesel from Minpinerie last year around this time. I know when we adopted him he was not the healthiest boy with a few lumps and blind in one eye. But we really had the time of our lives on the road together. He unfortunately got really sick really fast on the tail end of our last trip and within three days and three trips to the vets for iv fluids and treatments for his cancer. We had to let him go, so he wasn't in anymore pain and discomfort. I felt I needed to let you know that he probably had the best year of his life traveling with me all over North America. And had made many friends in my trucking community. He was loved by many and was the unofficial mascot of the US customs ports in North Dakota and Montana. As these officers stocked treats just for him when we crossed the border. They were always excited to see him. He played up to the officers like the big ham he was. I personally am having an extremely hard time with the loss as he was my best friend and took care of me as much as I took care of him. It's going to be extremely hard to go back to work next week without my best friend. I am fortunate to have had him in my life and my family's lives for the past year.  He was a pleasure to know and love and will be missed terribly.”


Jake – From his beloved owner Pauline....“In June of 2006 we rescued a goldendoodle named Max from you. We renamed him Jake (as we already had a Max in the family). Jake would have been 10 today and as we reminisced about how he came to us Minipinerie came to our thoughts and we wanted to share news of his passing with you and thank you for the amazing work that you do. We brought Jake home to Toronto and gave him a joy-filled life. He was the first of our children and was much loved by his brother and two sisters and the rest of his loving family. He was a kind, gentle, loving pup with the biggest heart and spastic attitude to match. He loved snuggling on the couch, enjoyed many dog massages and romps off leash at High Park and despite being a poodle/retriever mix, remained a scaredy cat near lakes and rivers (much to our amusement). In the fall we noticed some odd behavioural and physical changes. After a few months of various investigations a tumor was diagnosed at the neck of his bladder and we made the heartbreaking decision to put him down. Not a day has passed where coming home to an empty house hasn't been painful. They say time heals all wounds and in the mean time we enjoy going through old pictures and remembering the goofy, ridiculous, heart warming oaf of a dog that made our lives better by having shared his unconditional love with us. Many, many thanks....Pauline, Peter, Emily, Lucas, Evelyn and...(from the puppy park in the sky) Jake Becker."


His beloved owner Sylvain says... “In 2004, I adopted a feisty little Min Pin named Tyson. He passed away this June 1st in his 17th year. He had the attitude and bullied shamelessly my husky who grew up and matured with him. Although he was a tough little guy he was always there to cuddle at the end of the day. I like to think that both of them are now together aggravating each other. Thank you for many joyful years with a little dog with a big heart.”

Sophie (1993-2015)

Deborah adopted Sophie in 2010 or so, and Sophie was 22 when she passed on. Deborah calls her “a gentle, happy loving dog… I have been truly blessed by having these animals share my life and they have given me more than I can ever tell you about. I will miss our Sophie but I know she is doing much better now. Thank you Sophie for all the love you gave me and thank you for sharing the last 5 years of your life with me.” Linda adopted Didi from Minipinerie in 2003. “She was the best, most adorable and precious pet ever. She died last month, on August 19. We had Didi for 12 wonderful years. She came to us a frightened little girl. We made it out mission to make sure that she would never feel fear again. To always know that she was loved and that she would have the best forever home she could ever want. Didi was extra spoiled, loved more than we ever thought possible to love a fur baby. Didi had liver and gall bladder issues. She developed gall stones (rare in dogs), discovered through an exploratory surgery, and developed liver issues. She was followed closely by Dr. Chapman at Alta Vista Animal Hospital. As a result of this condition, Didi developed diabetes, and despite insulin therapy, she eventually lost her vision and went into multi-organ failure. Even though she was blind, Didi still loved her “ballies” and tried to chased them at the park. She was an energetic, loving, and lovable baby until the end. She was the best gift I could ever have asked for and I miss her tremendously. She left huge paw prints on my heart. I would love for you to post a tribute to Didi! She loved to pose for pictures. We took Didi everywhere with us – sailing, when we were kayaking. Thanks, Ruth, for giving me this precious little girl.”