late 2016 and 2017 Memorials

Suzanne has adopted two Minpins from Minpinerie and remembers them here. “Cora was for my mom and dad, who were moving in with me. That was over 6 or 7 years ago. And then I adopted little Louis 4 years ago. Sadly both have passed away. Cora such a sweetheart and a great comfort to my mom and dad. She had kidneys issues and really bad arthritis and we had to eventually make the gut wrenching decision to euthanize her as she was in more pain than we could control. Louis was my baby, I miss him every day. I had never lost a dog so young. Louis had constant urinary tract infections and was often on antibiotics. [After much vetting, we lost him] He was such a great spirit and a lovely soul.”




Teddy was not a Minpinerie dog, but was the best friend of Minpinerie adoptee Buttercup, both owned by Minpinerie volunteer Treena and her hubby. “Teddy our beloved husky mix was 13.5 when he passed in July. He was very strong until his last few days. He guarded this property and me, with his few German Shepherd genes. He played and retrieved sticks and his ball in the water and out, with his Mom’s Black Lab genes. He was talky and smart from his Husky genes. He and Buttercup were best buddies and wrestled and walked the forest paths together and loved the local gravel pit adventures. We and Buttercup are missing him terribly. He was a brave, funny, happy, smart, handsome and loving boy who was a precious addition to our lives and we were blessed to know him. We love you Teddy, forever and ever.”





Dianna says “I adopted a beautiful little female min-pin in 2006, Savannah.  She passed away in December 2016. She was a sweet, sweet little thing, prone to barking and it took her about 6 months to settle in a realize this was her forever home.  I miss her big personality every day but she ended up in a great home for 10 years of her life. She loved nothing better than curling up in a blanket in the sun. Still miss the little thing. She had a big personality for such a little one.”




A few years ago, Brent & Dawn adopted Cinnamon (was  named Red). “We are very sad to say she developed Cushings Disease. We wish to thank you [Ruth] for the time we had with her. She was the “perfect dog” for our family. I am not sure if she was a ‘typical’ Min Pin but she was the sweetest most loving and trusting dog. She was calm and quiet and wonderful with my 9 year old daughter. Everyone who met her was won over by her sweet temperament. She was my daughters best friend. She made a good watchdog because she alerted us when people came to the door but was not very ‘barky’ otherwise. You did such a wonderful job with matching us with Cinnamon that we would like to ask you to try again.”




John says “My beloved Rocky passed away on Tuesday August 29 2017. Despite have a few health issues, Cushing’s disease and being deaf, my lovely Rocky lead life and every day with a joy and happiness that most humans only dream of having. Although my little Rockstar left us on Tuesday, he will always remain in my heart and has changed me forever – making me a better person. There wasn’t a day that went by when this little guy didn’t make me laugh. Always by my side, and watching my every move (hence his nick name “the little supervisor”) Rocky never missed a beat. Although I had to let my little man go, I will always carry his memory in my heart. Love you Rocky, rest in peace.”


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