Zena – will you spare a little for her so that we can get her the specialist treatment she needs?


Little Zena was recently rescued by Minpinerie. She is 8 years old and was living in a crate nearly all day, every day of every week of every month of every one of those years. She was doing ok but now she has started to lose the ability to walk while living with her current foster parents. Preliminary vet visits point toward a neurological issue, but we need some help with getting to the bottom of it, please. Until she is well, Zena can’t be adopted to her forever home. Please help me raise money for Minipinerie to get this sweet loving girl the tests needed to diagnose and treat her condition or at least get the help she needs to live her days in comfort, pain free and able to enjoy a full dog life – the life she always should have had.

Here is Zena right now – will you help her? Here is the Go Fund Me link – every donation tax deductible.



“Foster love” that wonderful people like you provide is the key to being able to save dog lives.

If we do not have enough caring people to open their hearts and homes to these dogs, dogs may be turned away,  surrendered to shelters, dropped off in fiels, thoughtlessly given away to any taker (maybe a breeder/puppy mill front) or sold for profit to an uncaring buyer or incapable owner.

You can make an enormous difference in the world by fostering a homeless soul for a few weeks or a few months, while other members on the Minpinerie volunteer team work tirelessly at finding these dogs permanent homes.

As a doggie foster parent, you will feed, exercise, protect, train, love and cuddle a beautiful and vulnerable little homeless dog. Minpinerie is responsible for all the dog’s veterinary expenses. IF you have the time and patience, you are encouraged to teach the dog good behavior and commands, but most of our dogs, unless very young, already have these.

In general, Minpinerie rescues miniature pinschers and minpin/mixes, but also other small dogs in need, as a rule under twenty pounds (chis, chi mixes, poodle/mix, terriers, etc).

Be prepared to fall in love!!
All the other cats/dogs in the home must be fixed and up-to-date with shots. In the case of very small dogs, there must be no children under 10 because they can easily injure a dog by dropping or squashing him.

Expect to feel so good and accomplished as your foster leaves to join her new family. It can be hard, but the whole team along with all the other Fosters are here to support you, and consider that there will unfortunately always be another furry face waiting for your help!

BONUS: Minpinerie will give foster parents “first dibs” on adopting their foster dog!!!

Please consider becoming a valued part of our important team to help a dog in need. THANK YOU!

Fill out the application on our website at https://www.minpinerie.ca or contact Louise at 613-260-9707 or loulouonline@rogers.com.

We hear : If I could I would save them all!, Here’s your chance. By saving one, you can help save many.

Please share with friends and family.



*****NOTE – AUGUST 28, 2017 *****


Minpinerie INC., will no longer be rescuing dogs from the U.S.

We have had a long and successful relationship with many wonderful partners in rescue in the United States and have saved hundreds of lovely dogs in the process. However,  we have come to the conclusion that, among other things,  new cross border regulations are consuming too many of our limited financial, administrative and human resources. Minpinerie’s mandate has not changed and we will continue to be dedicated to rescuing Canadian dogs, and be there for them as long as we can.  We are thankful to our foster families, adopters, donors, volunteers for the opportunity to continue to do so. 



Hello! Would you like to foster a dog in need? Our rescue cannot save dogs that have been abandoned or rescued from a shelter or puppy mill unless we have foster homes with loving folk like you to help prepare dogs for their forever homes. Minpinerie is a non-profit Ottawa-based organization made up of dedicated dog-loving volunteers who rescue and foster miniature pinschers that have been surrendered by their owners, willingly released by puppy mills or breeders, or abandoned in shelters. If you have the room in your home and your heart, (or know of someone who might) please let us know by filling out the application online and help us out by giving one of these sweeties a loving temporary place to stay on their journey to their forever home. You can find out more about a dog that might fit your family and lifestyle by calling or writing to Louise at loulouonline@rogers.com or filling in the volunteer application.