Marie – so cute! Minpin mix, about 5 years, 11 pds. A calm, sweet and lovable dog with SPECIAL NEEDS (very limited vision)


Hi, I am Marie!  Are you looking for a young, calm, sweet dog who is housebroken? Perhaps you have a gentle dog that could use another gentle companion? If you have a quiet home and are ready to meet my needs, I want to meet you and maybe we could be a match!!!

Before she came to us months ago, Marie was sadly brought to the vet by her previous owners to be put down. Marie had cataracts in both of her eyes, most likely genetics. It is fortunate that the team at Angels Rest, a sanctuary rescue for senior and retired dogs in southern Ontario saved Marie at her darkest hour. They soon realized, however, that Marie was not an old dog! They contacted Minpinerie and trusted us to take care of her veterinary needs and find her a forever home.

She was picked up by Minpinerie volunteers in January. Thanks to supporters like you, we have raised some of the funds for her surgery (but are still hoping for more donations – see below – thank you!)

Now, Marie has an eye with 30% vision!!! The other eye has been removed as there was no hope for it. But she can see a little for sure, and wants to find a forever home with a loving person like you, where she is valued and given the love and respect she deserves.

Ok! So, here is what she needs! Marie’s forever home will have NO cats or young children under twelve. She would be good with a small calm and gentle doggy companion. We will be looking for a home where she can cuddle her owners all day long and/or her new small dog friend (if you have one). Marie is not a demanding dog. She is quite suited to be a lap dog, who may require only twice daily short walks and some cuddle time to be fulfilled.  She is housebroken.

Her wonderful foster mom (who absolutely adores her, but cannot keep her) thinks that Marie would really appreciate a family with a small dog for company. She would need to be protected from things that might make her uneasy and nervous since she is basically blind. Experience having lived with a blind dog would be a definite asset. An apt. condo or townhouse in quiet neighborhood, suburb or rural setting is definitely preferable to a noisy urban city centre.

Marie enjoys small walks and playing with her Kong treat ball – anything for treats!

She is good on leash. She may pull a bit at first, because you are not walking fast enough for her, however, after a few minutes of walking fast and stopping a few times to sniff and smell, all around, she will be better on leash. Marie may not see a lot, but sure can hear people and dogs walking by and would love to go meet them. She doesn’t bark, she will just pull on the leash to go see them.

See videos at our Facebook page!

Minpinerie will be very selective in choosing Marie’s new family.  Marie must be adopted by a family that is ready for the support and financial commitment she will need as she ages. Marie will need regular ongoing and extended care for her eyes, such as prescription and OTC drops for the rest of her life and bi-annual check-ups with her ophthalmologist. The current cost of the drops works out to about 45$ to 50$ a month. She is currently in Ottawa, where she is followed by an ophthalmology specialist, however, these specialists can be found in most major cities.

You will need to ensure that Marie has a safe environment as she gets to know her surroundings. She will learn the layout of the home, yard or patio, and where the stairs are so she eventually will go up and down a few steps such as going outside/inside without falling. At her Foster Family’s house, she is now comfortable in climbing a whole flight of stairs to go on another level however cannot yet manage going down, especially because it’s hardwood floors.

Marie has not really shown signs of being a bolter, however, because of her eyesight, her foster mom tends to really watch her and keep her on leash or in the fenced yard.

Marie is ok in the car. She will want to get in, on your lap or in her cage, but will pant the whole time.

Marie barks a few times when someone comes in the house or if she hears a car door slamming (normal alarm bark), but otherwise she is not a barker.

For the last 5 months, Marie has been in a French speaking home and has shown that she understands French very well.

Would you like to meet this sweet little girl? She is looking for a committed dog owner who would provide her with a loving and secure home.

You can read about Marie’s medical journey on our GoFundMe page and still donate to our outstanding balance for her surgery.

All applications will be screened; however, it is possible depending on the number of applications that only suitable applicants will be contacted at first. We will however eventually contact all who have applied to see if we may have another dog that could be more compatible with their needs.

— Thank you for your interest in a Minpinerie Rescue Group dog. We are based in the Ottawa area. All dogs are fully vetted and fixed, and we assess behaviour to the fullest extent possible so that our adoptions will be as successful as possible. You must fill out the application and be approved to adopt. If the specific dog in this post doesn’t sound suitable, please understand we have dogs arriving all the time, and MOST go quickly to pre-approved adopters that suit them (that is, many dogs are never posted to our website! Only when we have an overflow!). So, please fill out the application at this link to get in the pool, BUT NOTE SOME FOLKS ARE HAVING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES, SO IF THAT’S YOU, PLEASE SEE INSTRUCTIONS AT THE SAME LINK!  Thank you and talk soon!


Marie needs our help! About five years old and needs help to save her vision. Please help us help her.


Help us save Marie’s vision

This young little dear needs our help. Would you consider donating a little to help Marie see?

Marie is a lovable and sweet Minpin mix about five years old who was sadly brought to the vet to be put down because her owners were unable to deal with a blind dog or the very high costs of specialized cataract surgery. Marie has cataracts in both of her eyes and her condition is most likely genetic. However, it can be fixed! This is great news for her but she needs donations to get it done.

Because of her eyes Marie ended up at the Angel’s Rest Sanctuary for old dogs in Niagara on the Lake! However, from there Marie was transported to Ottawa by Minpinerie volunteers in January and we are doing our best to raise the funds for this costly surgery  – along with pre-op and post-op exams and follow-ups, blood work, medications, prescription eye drops, etc .

We want her to have a good life! And we know you do too!

We could really use your help in trying to save Marie’s vision. Thank you for your support❤ Please check out the attached pictures and video of our spunky sweet girl.

Minpinerie is registered non profit and all donations are tax deductible. If you are kind enough to donate to Marie’s care you, as a donors, will be able to get tax receipts by either requesting through the instructions on the link below or automatically from the PayPal Giving Fund Canada. Or if you have any questions, please reach out to me and I will get do my best to get you an answer.
More information about Minpinerie inc: we are based in northeastern Ontario and rescue small breed dogs under 25 lbs, the usual breeds are miniature pinschers and Chihuahuas, we place about 100 dogs a year. We are foster based, all the dogs are in homes with foster families and are fully vetted and spayed/neutered.

Here is the fundraising link!

Since Minpinerie Dog Rescue took her in at the end of January, Marie has been with a loving foster family to care for her. Even though she was getting all the love in the world, she was not doing well. However, after a few weeks with her foster family, she started to show her very sweet personality and she is feeling happier. But her vision will not be fixed and she will not have the life she could have without your and our help. Will you help us with a few dollars or a bigger donation, to help her see?


Zena – doing better, but she could really use donations for specialist treatment


Little Zena was rescued by Minpinerie a while back. She is 9 years old and lived in a crate nearly all day, every day of every one of her first eight years of life. Because she requires continued care, she will stay in her wonderful forever-foster home. Her parents have been working hard with her and she is able to walk to some extent (see our Facebook page for updated videos). Hooray! We’ve discovered she has some neurological issues. We will continue to pay for her care and make sure she and every other dog we can help have the best lives possible. If you would like to donate to her care to help us help her live out her days in comfort, having the life she always should have had, please donate.

Below is a video of Zena from a while back. Here is the Go Fund Me link  for her – every donation tax deductible.


We have such a great team in our adoption coordinator Louise and founder Ruth and Jaye and so many more, that we place dogs quickly and effectively because we have potential adopters fill out applications, and we can quickly review them and make great matches.

So, NO! We don’t post many dogs!  🙂

We also contact all applicants personally! We are a little different than most rescues!

But as with all rescues, dogs come in to our care unpredictably. We never know from week to week. That is why having  approved applications on file is beneficial to adopters and to the rescue to get the dogs into homes as soon as possible….

Fill out an application! Get approved! Having an approved app on file will mean the fastest match possible for your trial adoption. Hope to hear from you soon!    ~The Minpin all-volunteer team



“Foster love” that wonderful people like you provide is the key to being able to save dog lives.

If we do not have enough caring people to open their hearts and homes to these dogs, dogs may be turned away,  surrendered to shelters, dropped off in fiels, thoughtlessly given away to any taker (maybe a breeder/puppy mill front) or sold for profit to an uncaring buyer or incapable owner.

You can make an enormous difference in the world by fostering a homeless soul for a few weeks or a few months, while other members on the Minpinerie volunteer team work tirelessly at finding these dogs permanent homes.

As a doggie foster parent, you will feed, exercise, protect, train, love and cuddle a beautiful and vulnerable little homeless dog. Minpinerie is responsible for all the dog’s veterinary expenses. IF you have the time and patience, you are encouraged to teach the dog good behavior and commands, but most of our dogs, unless very young, already have these.

In general, Minpinerie rescues miniature pinschers and minpin/mixes, but also other small dogs in need, as a rule under twenty pounds (chis, chi mixes, poodle/mix, terriers, etc).

Be prepared to fall in love!!
All the other cats/dogs in the home must be fixed and up-to-date with shots. In the case of very small dogs, there must be no children under 10 because they can easily injure a dog by dropping or squashing him.

Expect to feel so good and accomplished as your foster leaves to join her new family. It can be hard, but the whole team along with all the other Fosters are here to support you, and consider that there will unfortunately always be another furry face waiting for your help!

BONUS: Minpinerie will give foster parents “first dibs” on adopting their foster dog!!!

Please consider becoming a valued part of our important team to help a dog in need. THANK YOU!

Fill out the application on our website at or contact Louise at 613-260-9707 or

We hear : If I could I would save them all!, Here’s your chance. By saving one, you can help save many.

Please share with friends and family.



Hello! Would you like to foster a dog in need? Our rescue cannot save dogs that have been abandoned or rescued from a shelter or puppy mill unless we have foster homes with loving folk like you to help prepare dogs for their forever homes. Minpinerie is a non-profit Ottawa-based organization made up of dedicated dog-loving volunteers who rescue and foster miniature pinschers that have been surrendered by their owners, willingly released by puppy mills or breeders, or abandoned in shelters. If you have the room in your home and your heart, (or know of someone who might) please let us know by filling out the application online and help us out by giving one of these sweeties a loving temporary place to stay on their journey to their forever home. You can find out more about a dog that might fit your family and lifestyle by calling or writing to Louise at or filling in the volunteer application.