Oct/Nov 2022 – Through the pandemic and before it hit, our amazing adoption coordinator Louise, founder Ruth and the rest of our team have been so efficient that we place dogs quickly and effectively. That’s because we have potential adopters like you fill out applications, and then we can quickly review them and make great matches when dogs arrive (all the time).

That means, no, we don’t post many dogs. We mostly post dogs on our Facebook page, but also some here. 

We contact all applicants personally. 

As with all rescues, dogs come in to our care all the time. That’s is why having  approved applications on file is beneficial to adopters and to the rescue to get the dogs into homes as soon as possible….

Fill out an application! Get approved! Having an approved app on file will mean the fastest match possible for your trial adoption. Hope to hear from you soon!    ~The Minpinerie team