Jake – From his beloved owner Pauline....“In June of 2006 we rescued a goldendoodle named Max from you. We renamed him Jake (as we already had a Max in the family). Jake would have been 10 today and as we reminisced about how he came to us Minipinerie came to our thoughts and we wanted to share news of his passing with you and thank you for the amazing work that you do. We brought Jake home to Toronto and gave him a joy-filled life. He was the first of our children and was much loved by his brother and two sisters and the rest of his loving family. He was a kind, gentle, loving pup with the biggest heart and spastic attitude to match. He loved snuggling on the couch, enjoyed many dog massages and romps off leash at High Park and despite being a poodle/retriever mix, remained a scaredy cat near lakes and rivers (much to our amusement). In the fall we noticed some odd behavioural and physical changes. After a few months of various investigations a tumor was diagnosed at the neck of his bladder and we made the heartbreaking decision to put him down. Not a day has passed where coming home to an empty house hasn't been painful. They say time heals all wounds and in the mean time we enjoy going through old pictures and remembering the goofy, ridiculous, heart warming oaf of a dog that made our lives better by having shared his unconditional love with us. Many, many thanks....Pauline, Peter, Emily, Lucas, Evelyn and...(from the puppy park in the sky) Jake Becker."