Sophie (1993-2015)

Deborah adopted Sophie in 2010 or so, and Sophie was 22 when she passed on. Deborah calls her “a gentle, happy loving dog… I have been truly blessed by having these animals share my life and they have given me more than I can ever tell you about. I will miss our Sophie but I know she is doing much better now. Thank you Sophie for all the love you gave me and thank you for sharing the last 5 years of your life with me.” Linda adopted Didi from Minipinerie in 2003. “She was the best, most adorable and precious pet ever. She died last month, on August 19. We had Didi for 12 wonderful years. She came to us a frightened little girl. We made it out mission to make sure that she would never feel fear again. To always know that she was loved and that she would have the best forever home she could ever want. Didi was extra spoiled, loved more than we ever thought possible to love a fur baby. Didi had liver and gall bladder issues. She developed gall stones (rare in dogs), discovered through an exploratory surgery, and developed liver issues. She was followed closely by Dr. Chapman at Alta Vista Animal Hospital. As a result of this condition, Didi developed diabetes, and despite insulin therapy, she eventually lost her vision and went into multi-organ failure. Even though she was blind, Didi still loved her “ballies” and tried to chased them at the park. She was an energetic, loving, and lovable baby until the end. She was the best gift I could ever have asked for and I miss her tremendously. She left huge paw prints on my heart. I would love for you to post a tribute to Didi! She loved to pose for pictures. We took Didi everywhere with us – sailing, when we were kayaking. Thanks, Ruth, for giving me this precious little girl.”