Rainbow bridge update mid-2017

Here are some recent remembrances sent our way…


Celine and Hubby adopted Sheba many years ago. She said recently, addressing Minpinerie founder Ruth: “If memory serves, you were the lady who came to my home in Cornwall to show us some dogs  so many years ago. We took in Sheba a lovely girl who had had a tough start in life in Ohio. She was chubby and loved my two boys right from the first minute, my husband, she took a while to warm up to.  I wanted to let you know that she has been an important part of our family these past ten years. She witnessed our children growing into young adulthood and was our constant friend. She tobogganed with the kids, came camping with us and joined in our visits to grandma’s. As dogs tend to do, she became a senior all too quickly and we had to make the difficult decision to let her go and end her suffering yesterday. My sorrow over her loss had me checking out the Minpin rescue website and didn’t I see your name beside another dog, Phoenix, I think. I just had to write and let you know how your work with dogs made such an incredible difference in our lives. Bless you and your efforts to find the right families for your charges. I’m sure there are hundreds of stories out there like ours that you are a part of.”


Kat and her family adopted Miko (formerly “Big Mac”) back in 2007. “MinPinerie pulled him from the euthanasia list at the Quebec SPCA where he’d been languishing since being surrendered by his previous owners. Although Miko was already seven years old when I adopted him, he was still full of life, love and energy! Miko was a dear companion over the past decade we shared together. He was endlessly giving with his love and affection – whether over hikes through the woods, strolls around the neighbourhood or cuddles on lazy days. My family is saddened by Miko’s recent passing but we take solace in the fact that we had a long and happy near decade together, during which time Miko came into his own and transformed from a terrified, anxious and neglected rescue to a well-adjusted, cuddly, content and beloved fur-baby. Deepest thanks to MinPinerie for its tireless commitment in saving these sweet dogs and especially for bringing Miko into our lives! Again, many thanks for your kindness and commitment in bringing Miko in our family and for your laudable work in establishing MinPinerie!”