Rainbow Bridge

Nunu – adopted by Minpinerie adoption coordinator Louise. “Beautiful 14 yr old Nunu had been with me for almost 7 years. Considered unadoptable because of her attitude and non-stop barking. To me, her “attitude” was part of her charm: 50%bully, 50%hussy! What can i say?: they were right about the barking!!! She was much loved. Nunu did not so much go for walks, as she did “toddling dog-threatening expeditions.”  I will miss her nub tail wagging, which involved her entire rear end moving with delight. Another angel joins our Minpinerie family in Dog Heaven. Nunu will surely and loudly let everybody know there is a new boss in town when she gets there. Her fur sister Molly and her mom Louise will miss her terribly. Here is a photo of her when she was about 8 or 9 and one from last year all tucked in her little bed. (this is really how she slept most of the time!) Sweet forever dreams, pretty girl!”






Zappa – Jen and Russ lost Zappa in Nov 2018. “He was a huge fighter, even with his bad heart murmur…He was a fantastic addition to our household (was named Dax when he was with you – April 2015).  Thank you so much for allowing us to have him for his last days. His spunky-ness and energy will truly be missed in our home ❤️” (Thank you Jen and Russ for taking this dog for the last years of his life.)




dory 2

Dory passed on in August 2018. Rebecca says “Last year I was very blessed to be able adopt Dory, formerly Mattie on a chance from your rescue. With a breaking heart I must relay she passed away from sudden heart failure. We had a wonderful year and three months and I am devistated by her loss. She was a joyful little bundle of fur and spunky bark. I wanted to let you know, because if not for your rescue I wouldn’t have been gifted with the opportunity to take her into my life and experience the unconditional love and positivity she bestowed on everyone. She is so dearly missed.



Linus passed away in August 2017. Susan says “I adopted one of your dogs about 6 years ago. Linus had diabetes. Well, six years later little Linus had to be put down on August 8th. He was totally blind and totally deaf. However, he was the light of my life. This dog made every day a joy for my husband and I. He didn’t lick, didn’t bite or bark.  Every vet told me that they had never seen a better minpin.  At this time my heart is breaking and I would like to ask should you every come across another Linus would you please let me know. My life is empty and my husband and I are lost without him. Please keep me in mind if you think you would have a good match for us.”