Matthew and Jennifer say “We fell in love with Frankie and adopted him the same day we met him. He missed Steven the first night but he settled right in. Frankie loves to play with his toys (especially his stuffed donkey) and snuggling with us is his number one priority. We tuck him into his doggie bed every night before we go to sleep, but he somehow manages to find his way onto our bed and under the covers in the middle of the night! He hates wearing his doggie coat and boots (despite looking adorable), but refuses to walk more than ten steps if he doesn’t have them on. Frankie loves to visit the dog park everyday and chase the dogs 3 times his size. He loves peanut butter filled Kongs, mashed sweet potato, and denta sticks. We love having Frankie in our lives! Thank you, Louise, Steven, and Minpinerie!"