Edith says “I raised two sons, and working with Tinkerbelle to bring out her best has been just like mothering a young child again. But, she does have a delightful personality. My husband and I have commented many times about all the ways she has of communicating what she wants, such as barks, silent barks, little growls, and how perfect she is for us. ‎ She has also been able to adapt to snuggling with and being cared for by two people. Somehow in her little head she keeps track of how much time she should spend with each of us. We just let her decide that. Thanks again for helping me adopt this little treasure! …It is hard to believe that it has been only two months as she has become such a part of our daily lives.  Dressing her and taking her out for walks no longer seems like a chore, and she often does something new that we have to laugh about.  I realized that she does not know how to play, so I have bought a couple of dog toys to help her be creative and more active.  The long walks, which will become longer in the warmer weather, also help.”