Oscar and Felix

Oscar and Felix were formerly known as Kodi and Kori.  Jennifer says “We adopted them at the end of November 2015.  For totally untrained dogs they were surprisingly well behaved doggies and quickly bonded to me, following me wherever I was in the house.  My husband created a maze in the backyard for the boys to play in and they love chasing each other and wrestling.  Their recall is improving every day and are even obeying a few commands like "sit" and "lie down".  We are currently working on "paw".  Felix is the big cuddler.  He just loves being cuddled and loves belly rubs.  Oscar loves them too but he is the investigator of everything and most times is patrolling the house!  He has his Squeaky bear that he carries around with him and won't go to bed without it.  While they are brothers from the same litter, they are two totally opposite little characters and the name choice my husband and I made suits them to a T.  Thank you Minpinerie for connecting me with our furbabies.  We love them to pieces.”