Stephanie adopted Molly in summer 2015! “I adore her. She is a handful but she follows Bonds lead a lot so she hasn’t done much she shouldn’t. She does love garbage. Lol we had to change the garbage cans to make sure they all have tops. housetraining has come along great only a couple accidents on rainy days.

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And we have so many toys and bones she hasn’t chewed anything she’s not supposed too. She loves the dog park, we go everyday and she runs ALOT. Her recall is very good. Still working on everything else, but training classes are helping. She is scared of my mothers cat. I also noticed she LOVES children. She can’t get enough of my niece and nephew. She and Bond are inseparable. They play, snuggle and do everything together, expect when Molly is into something she shouldn’t be, she loves getting into my purse and we have to have tin foil on the kitchen chairs or she will sit on the table.”

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