Pebbles is nine year old chi who was adopted in 2015 by Minpinerie volunteer Lise right off the transport! Pebbles says: Woof everyone! Mammi says that I’m a very pretty and good girl and that she’s so happy to have me share her home. Yup, yup. What’s my secret? I’m a terrific negotiator…I now have my very own person pillow on the floor next to our bed. I also got to keep two down-filled napping bags. This over-shedding-covered-box-pooping thing isn’t even allowed up. Yap. Mammi may clean fuzzy’s box once a day but she comes outside with me five or six times a day! Yap. Move over puff ball. I am Chi Hua Hua! Oh! I’m smart, too. Mammi said I know better than to jump on our chair and stick my tongue up her nostril. Yap. Now I wait until it’s less crowded. Yap. Yap. Mammie’s a keeper. Thank you for finding her.” Enjoy the couches Pebbles!!!