Diamond was adopted in mid-2015 by Bernie, Jason, Tiki and Bonita, who say “I really do not have the words to thank-you enough for bringing this special little girl into our lives:) Diamond, honestly, is a perfect fit for our family!! I’m really not sure why this little gem was ever given up and how she ended up at your rescue BUT she did and we are so very thankful!! I took yesterday off to spend time with her and to see how the other 2 dogs would be:). It went very smooth except she

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was able to find a little hole under the fence and was eager to explore the neighbourhood!!! We learned our lesson very quickly!! Today was a real test. My husband had to work and then went to the Blue Jays game and I had to work at the golf course. We weren’t ready to leave her at home with the other 2 dogs so I brought her to work with me??? Long story short…she was nothing less than amazing. She rode beside me in the cart ALL day with a quick little break inside to get out of the heat. Every golfer wanted to pet her and she picked up very quickly that was a good thing. She never barked or growled once. And then…..I took the plunge. I let her off leash and drove off, she was the happiest little thing I’ve ever seen. She ran and ran and ran beside the cart and when I stopped to see if the golfers needed anything she would come right up to me or sniff around a bit but would never wander off to far….then I’d say “Diamond come” and she would run and run and run…What you all do is amazing!! Louise, thank-you for following your gut feeling and saving this little previous girl for us!! We will be forever grateful!!” What a happy girl!!!

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