Bentley (formerly known as Bandit) was adopted recently by Cyrena and Armand. “He is doing wonderful! He has settled into our home/routine very nicely. We just love him to bits! He is so affectionate and loves to be snuggled under a blanket with us. He loves

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going on his daily walks and we have even ventured to the dog park and pet store! He gets smiles and pets everywhere he goes because he is just so darn cute. I’ve learned he does not like the rain or even walking through puddles lol We are starting to work on his commands and he is catching on very quickly! We can’t thank IMPS and Minpinerie enough for all your help and hard work in making this adoption happen for Bentley. He is such a good dog, its hard to believe that someone ever gave him up! We are so lucky to have him! THANK YOU!!!” Thank you!

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