Lucy Lou

Lucy Lou was adopted in July 2015 by Kristi and Roger. They say: “When our beloved minpin, Ceildh, passed away in April 2015 at the age of 15, we decided we would spend a few years dog-free so we could travel, etc. However, after only a few months, we knew something was missing in our home – the love and laughs of a minpin. Of course, Louise had the “perfect minpin” for us that needed a loving, forever home. She explained that she had a wonderful, little four year old girl who had recently arrived from a shelter in Ohio (her history unknown) and was currently staying with a foster dad, Steve. Steve called us and told us all about Lucy Lou. Well, the rest is history 🙂 We both fell in love with Lucy the second we saw her. We are an active, outdoor family and Lucy has really taken to cycling and kayaking. She loves car rides but is also extremely happy at home, curled up in her favorite chair in the sunshine. This chair happens to be the leather chair, purchased shortly before her arrival, the chair we decided when we brought her home that she would not be allowed in! Her favorite hobby is knitting and helping us exercise. She is a pro at doing the “downward dog”. Lucy craves human touch and we are only too willing to provide that to her. She spends a great deal of her time in our arms or cuddled up beside us. She is so cuddly and lovable. Sometimes her “minpin” behaviour makes us laugh so hard she brings us to tears. When we brought her home to our place in the country she didn’t seem to take notice of a frog hopping in front of her, a leaf blowing, etc. Also, a long blade of grass or a weed seemed like a scary jungle to her. We don’t know why, perhaps there was just so much to adjust to and she hadn’t been a country dog. Now, three months later she will plow headlong into the long grass/weeds and enjoys several hikes a week on the woodland trails near our home. Lucy isn’t a fan of strong wind or cooler temperatures, so we are waiting to see how she will adapt our cold winter. Perhaps her new favorite spot will be curled up near our woodstove. Lucy is more comfortable around female humans but after getting to know her male humans she gets more comfortable, even her very tall big brother human, skittish at first, she will now cuddle with him for hours. Lucy’s human dad is home all day with her and her human mom works four days a week. Every day when Kristi arrives home from work she gets the best welcome anyone could ask for. Lucy comes running, spins in circles and jumps into her arms. She has to sit down and cuddle before she can take her coat/shoes off. We must say, although we give her so much love and care we still feel she gives us more☺ Before we finish, Lucy has a message:

“Thanks to everyone involved in helping me find my forever home. Thank you to the shelter and Minpinerie staff and volunteers, to the driver who brought me to the Minpinerie and a big thanks to Louise and Ruth. Thanks Steve for sharing your home, your time and your love. Sorry about the pillowcase :)” Lucy is forever grateful to you all!” What a great life!