Miniboots (now called JEWEL) was originally rescued from Kansas USA. At the time of her rescue this poor dog couldn’t even walk due to her back hips being collapsed. She was caged for 16 hours/day in a pen too small for her. Her new (forever) owner Colleen says “Many thank you’s go out to the shelter in Kansas and to Minpinerie where she was ultimately rehabilitated within weeks. From then on she was fostered and we adopted her just 2 months later. She is so bright and loves training. She loves her walks twice a day and has become very sociable with both other dogs and people alike. She loves her treats; her favorites being baby carrots, fresh peas, green beans, watermelon and even banana!! She is incredibly sweet and cuddly. Jewel loves belly rubs and even discovered that she enjoys the water. She is getting along well with her new roommate, a 10 year old Papillon. They walk together so closely that they actually bump one another often. She is super happy. If she is not on the couch sleeping, you can always find her on her bench in the front bay window watching the world outside. She doesn’t play with toys as she prefers a soft touch and tone. We couldn’t be happier; nor do I think could she. Many thanks to the Minpinerie for saving this 5 year old little girl. You are all saints and your work/volunteerism is so appreciated as our family could not imagine life without our precious gem; our Jewel.” So great to hear!