Donovan (now called Dudley) was adopted by Danielle and her family in July 2015. Dudley is an unusual mix!!!! He’s a Basset Hound Rotweiller mix who came to Ottawa from Kentucky where he was found as a stray with a little note that said “He has a big bark but is ever so loving” and so loving he is!! In Dudley’s words, from Danielle: “My new family is awesome. I have two boys now to play ball with and two cat friends! I never thought I’d be friends with a cat, but they were very patient with me and I’ve even stopped barking at them. Mama told me a million times that they are not squirrels and now I believe her. I love watching squirrels and birds. I have a big back yard that I can lie around in and watch them while Dad putters around in his workshop. Or I can lay in the sunny window with my cats and look outside while my cats snooze. I’ve gone on lots of adventures since coming here. We went camping and hiking and they even let me come in the canoe with them! I was so still and just watched the birds fly over us. Then we had campfires and they let me sing along while they played guitar!! My little hound heart just loved howling out the song of my people. I don’t really need to bark anymore. Mama told me that just because I’m short I’m still a big dog and no one is judging me so I can let that big bark go now.” Lowrider love!!