Darwin (who went by Kingdom) was adopted by Kathy and her family in early 2015. Kathy says “I want to thank everyone at Minpinerie for your continuous dedication to these dogs. Sometimes I wonder where Kingdom (now renamed to Darwin), would be without your help. Our family is truly grateful for everything you do. We are so lucky to be matched

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with this little puppy. He keeps our two pomeranians on their feet with his antics. Since he came into our lives, he has brought back the joy and energy that seemed to be missing over the past year (after the passing of our pom-chi) . From the moment I brought him through the door, he was home. There are no words to describe the happiness we share with Darwin. He’s so popular within our community that he has his own Instagram page, Darwinthepapillon. Thank you so much Minpinerie!” What a nice set of ears!

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