Twiggy (was named Cza Cza) was adopted by Erika in early 2015. “I just want to let you know that I’m a very happy girl. I get to go for walks every day, eat food made just for me and my older brother Alfie. I sleep in my mom and dad’s bed, but have plenty of my own beds. I love to go outside even in the winter.

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does not bother me at all. Here are some pictures of me and my brother, and a couple of words from my mom.” Erika says “We never imagined that Cza Cza, the skinny adorable looking Chi X we renamed Twiggy would be such a mini-nightmare. She was a pint-sized monster, parking at some family members non-stop. Not knowing how to handle little Twiggy’s refusal of one family member, the barking went on for weeks. Luckily, we met an experienced dog walker Pandora Organ of Positively fun Canine Care in the doggie park and thanks to her we learned how to train and discipline Twiggy. Now we have that adorable doggie we expected, a wonderful well-behaved pet that loves to cuddle with all the members of the family. It is just so wonderful to have a friendly, positive dog. Thanks Minpinerie for Twiggy!” Way to go in solving her problem Erika! Inspirational!

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