Buster, now Ted, was adopted by Ryan, Katie, Piggy and Aidan in 2014! He had been up for adoption for quite a while! “Not knowing what to expect, but prepared for anything, we welcomed Buster with open arms. We were told that we had 21 days to decide if he was going to be the right fit for our home or not. After spending a few days together, he quickly found his comfort zone. It wasn’t long after that, we decided on a new name for him and that name is Teddy. He earned this name mainly due to his elite snuggling powers and his undying desire to make himself a permanent ornament on our bed. After reaching the 21st day, we kept waiting for the little monster inside to unleash itself, but it never did. Instead Ted continued to fit himself into our family like he has been here all his life. Just a happy little soul, thankful for a new home. Every day Teddy gives us his undying attention and love. He rarely leaves our side and has found his life long best friend in our other Min Pin Piggy. We will be forever grateful. While we can never thank you enough for all hard work that you do. As a token of our immense appreciation for all of you at the Minpinerie, Katie and I have made a donation on behalf of Ted. We know this money will be put to great use to help other families find their Ted.” Way to go Ted!!