Gizmo & Maya

Gypsy and MJ, now Gizmo and Maya, were adopted fall 2014 by Candice. These two tiny cuties have had quite the North American journey! Mary Jane and Gypsy came all the way from Kentucky, where they had been surrendered as the owners were moving. They love each other and needed to stay together!

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Luckily they were found by Candice on our website and then they were flown from Ottawa to be with Candice in B.C.! Candice is very happy with ‘her girls’ and we are delighted they found a great home! Candice says “I have had one hell of a year the past year but I couldn’t imagine it without my girls. I love them both so much and they have changed so much. The absolutely LOVE the sun and love the beach so much. I wanted to send off a few photos from our adventurous day at the beach.”

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