SAMMY – adoption pending

sammy 1

Sammy 2

8 years and 23 pounds – loved and cared for – housetrained – great recall – quiet – not used to other dogs but would likely be fine with a quiet dog companion

Sammy  is an 8 year old  shihtzu  (23 pounds) who  for all his life has been the loved and cared for  pet  of elderly owners who unfortunately both have become seriously ill.  He has excellent  teeth and is clean in the house.  His foster Mom says he loves the garden and comes when he is called. Like  all shihtzus,  when he is frightened or  confused he  does  the air-snap thing  but if allowed to relax, very soon settles down.  His  tail wags  most  of the time  and he is quiet  in the car  and garden. Sammy has  accepted the other dogs but he  is not used to  living with other dogs.  But he would likely be fine with a quiet brother or sister. Would you like to meet his little cutie? —Thank you for your interest in a Minpinerie Rescue Group dog. We are based in the Ottawa area. All dogs are fully vetted and fixed, and we assess behaviour to the fullest extent possible so that our adoptions will be as successful as possible. You must fill out the application and be approved to adopt. If the specific dog in this post doesn’t sound suitable, know that we have dogs arriving all the time, and many, many go quickly to pre-approved adopters (many dogs are never posted to our website!). So, please fill out the application at this link, BUT SOME FOLKS ARE HAVING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES, SO IF THAT’S YOU, PLEASE SEE INSTRUCTIONS AT THE SAME LINK!  Thank you and talk soon! (and remember Daisy is in EDMONTON)