Beau – adopted!!! :)


Beau looks shy and a bit serious in these pictures, but this gorgeous teenager has lots of loving warmth, personality, intelligence, bounce and energy. He needs an active family he can grow up with, with lots of exercise. He is very quick to learn and would likely excel at agility class. He has some Minpin looks and behaviours (smart, active, loves to snuggle under covers) but you can see he also has something else in him. Beau would do excellent with another dog to play with and is perfect for a rural setting, where he is being fostered now (he is too reactive on leash in an urban setting and is quite strong when he decides to pull. He is afraid of traffic, especially anything bigger than a car and any loud noises. And Beau has too much energy for an apartment.). Good recall, good off leash so can go for hikes and at the dog park such as Bruce Pitt! Beau loves to run. He hasn’t had much chance to do that, but it’s one of his favourite things. He would be a lovely jogging companion. He likes to run after the ball and is learning to bring it back. He is about 25 lbs and may grow a little more. Beau was surrendered to us because of illness in the family. (In late November, we sent him on trial adoption and the family loved him, but he stressed out the family cat by chasing him all the time to the extent that this family was heartbroken, but had to return Beau to us.)  He likes kids but is a little over rambunctious and can scare them by jumping up so we want a home with no kids or kids over 10. He loves to cuddle and be held, loves lots of affection. If you are looking for a charmer who can go running with you and play with you and cuddle you for many years, then Beau is the sweet mutt for you! ——Thank you for your interest in a Minpinerie Rescue Group dog. We are based in the Ottawa area. All of our dogs are fully vetted and fixed, and we assess behaviour and tendencies to the fullest extent possible so that our adoptions will be as successful as possible. You must fill out the application and be approved to adopt. If the specific dog in this post hasn’t captured your heart or sound suitable, please understand we have dogs arriving all the time, and many of our arrivals go quickly to pre-approved adopters who have already filled out their applications (many dogs are never posted to our website!). By filling out the application and going through the approval process, you’ll ensure you adopt a suitable dog as soon as possible and we ensure our dogs to go to the right homes as quickly as possible! We look forward to hearing from you soon! Here is the link to the application