Smart – fine with dogs and cats – excellent off leash – happy – cuddly – just loves affection – 15 pounds – about 6 years old – experienced owner needed to make him feel secure

Champ is a long-legged, warm and smart cutie. We just know this beautiful, smart and sensitive boy will find the right family and they will be so happy they gave him a chance. Champ is extremely friendly and cuddly with his family. It is so much fun to see him happy with his tail madly wagging. You will also smile when you see a very happy Champ run off leash – he needs his two walks/runs a day and is so light and lovely on his feet and does not go very far from you. When you give/show Champ the affection he deserves he rewards you with a look that is filled with so much love. If he wants you to acknowledge him, he will paw gently. If Champ is not sitting beside you on the couch, he will be sleeping on the back of the couch. Champ is sensitive – if you raise your voice at him, he will hang his head. Champ does not really play with other dogs, but he likes having other pets in the household. Champ gets nervous if his foster brothers play rough. For this reason his foster Mom doesn’t take him to dog parks (these dogs are not in his pack so he will nip at them; trying to make them stop). Champ must be socialized with other dogs slowly until he realizes that this new dog is not a threat to him or others. Champ ignores cats. For his personal business, Champ does not yet realize he needs to ask to be let out and so he needs to be taken out on a regular basis, every four hours. Older respectful children would be fine, he is good loose in the house, loves to sleep under covers, good with visitors after a warm-up period, no food or toy guarding. Champ can be aggressive to other dogs when walking him on a leash, so an experienced dog owner is recommended. He bit a person when he thought one of his foster dog siblings was being threatened, so visitors to the home need to be managed properly – no problem for an experienced dog owner. Great in the car. Smart and very good with his basic commands. Would you like to meet this lovely boy? He would like to meet you. ——Thank you for your interest in a Minpinerie Rescue Group dog. We are based in the Ottawa area. All of our dogs are fully vetted and fixed, and we assess behaviour and tendencies to the fullest extent possible so that our adoptions will be as successful as possible. You must fill out the application and be approved to adopt. If the specific dog in this post hasn’t captured your heart or sound suitable, please understand we have dogs arriving all the time, and many of our arrivals go quickly to pre-approved adopters who have already filled out their applications (many dogs are never posted to our website!). By filling out the application and going through the approval process, you’ll ensure you adopt a suitable dog as soon as possible and we ensure our dogs to go to the right homes as quickly as possible! We look forward to hearing from you soon! Here is the link to the application