Remy – on trial adoption!! :) Young friendly smartypants

19 (17) Male Brown Chi Mix - many bite marks

Say hello to Remy! A smart, loveable, friendly boy who is going to make his forever owner very happy. He’s a Chi mix, only 4 years old and about 7 pounds. Remy’s history is hard to hear. He arrived into a local shelter very chewed up, apparently having had to fight hard for any food he was able to get. He was covered in puncture wounds both fresh and scabbed, but he has healed up nicely and he has been doing well in foster care for a little while now. He is so good with humans! His foster Mom has found him a smart and nice little guy who bonds very nicely to his person, like a typical Chi. He is a  relatively quiet little guy, increasingly outgoing & confident, sweet and affectionate. An experienced Chi owner would be preferred. We would really like to see him with someone who is home much of the day since he bonds so well, and is still a little needy clingy and unsure (no surprise with his history). He likes to follow his foster Mom closely, likes to sleep cuddled up beside her and spends as much time as he can on her lap. He doesn’t particularly like to go outside by himself but he’s getting a bit better with that. *******Remy must be in a home with NO CATS and NO SMALL DOGS, but MAY be ok with one other larger laid-back dog (no surprise with his past that he just can’t tolerate other small animals who have attacked him). He is very keen on his food and so his forever Mom or Dad should make sure he waits to be fed. So! That’s Remy’s story. In the right home, he will be just a great pet, ready to give his forever owner years of love as he receives the security and love that all pets need. Would you like to meet Remi? — Thank you for your interest in a Minpinerie Rescue Group dog. We are based in the Ottawa area. All of our dogs are fully vetted and fixed, and we assess overt behaviour and subtler tendencies to the fullest extent possible so that our adoptions will be as successful as possible. You must fill out the application and be approved to adopt. If the specific dog in this post hasn’t captured your heart or doesn’t sound suitable, please understand we have tender and vulnerable dogs arriving all the time, and many of our arrivals go quickly to pre-approved adopters (that is, MANY dogs are never posted to our website!). By filling out the application and going through the approval process, you’ll ensure you adopt a suitable dog as soon as possible and we ensure our dogs to go to the right homes as quickly as possible! We look forward to hearing from you soon! Here is the link to the application