Hello there – and welcome to the Minpinerie!

The Minpinerie is a non-profit Ottawa-based rescue made up of dedicated dog-loving volunteers who specialize in the rescue and foster of Miniature Pinschers.  We rescue dogs that have been surrendered by their owners, willingly released by puppy mills or breeders, or abandoned in shelters. We also rescue, with priority, other small breed dogs in situations of peril or abuse.  In addition, the Minpinerie assist women with dogs who must exit a domestic abuse situation by providing long-term or short-term fostering.

We are a tireless team that provides transport, foster care, veterinary care and everything else needed to make sure that all our dogs find a loving, caring, forever home.

While we have regional coordinators in British Columbia, Calgary, Edmonton and Halifax our main focus is in the National Capital Region.





As a result of unforeseen serious medical conditions in some of our recently rescued dogs, the Minpinerie is in serious need of donations. Without these  we may have to  either stop taking in new dogs or possibly close our doors forever. For the last 15 years the Minpinerie has relied primarily on the contributions of one very generous donor. Unfortunately, we have received word that moving forward this donor will no longer be able to support us to the same extent.  We need your help be to keep caring for our retired, palliative and long term foster dogs.

In order to continue helping the dogs we love, we are asking you for a small contribution of $5/month (or more if you can spare it). 

If just 400 people give $5/month, we will be able to catch up on our current outstanding bills and plan our future operating expenses so we can continue to take in new dogs. 

You can donate by:

  • Clicking the donate button on the top of the facebook page
  • Going to the main page of our website www.minpinerie.ca and using the PayPal option for a monthly or one time donation
  • Sending an Interac etransfer to minpinerie@yahoo.ca
  • Mailing or dropping off a cheque, cash or money order to 1345 Paardeburgh Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1V 6V6
  • Cheques should be made out to Minpinerie Inc.

We thank you for your continued support. To all of those who say, “If I could, I would save them all,” here is your opportunity to help us save at least as many as we can!

All donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt.


Meet our Board of Directors

Founder, Chairperson, Intake/Transport Coordinator
Ruth Cottrill (Medical Professional, Retired)


President, Adoption/Foster Coordinator and Surrender Coordination
Louise Currie (HR Consultant, Retired)


Vice President, Finance and Administrative Coordinator
Jaye Lister (Legal Assistant, Retired)



Regional Coordinator, British Columbia and the Prairies
Debra Kostiuk

Regional Coordinator, Maritimes
Mary Savory


Team Leads

Viviane Bouchard - Fundraising Events Coordinator

Andrea Bruce - Social Media Team Lead

Treena Hein - Webmaster

Ursula Hiratsuka - Photographer and Graphic Designer


Volunteers - Our backbone

An amazing team of dedicated volunteers: foster parents, transporters, donors, groomers, event organizers and folks in other roles. None of this work would be possible without them!

Special Thanks

Tracey Campbell - Intensive and Palliative Care Foster Parent
Shaayaan Jameel & Marisa Bivi - WordPress Minions