Zena – doing better, but she could really use donations for specialist treatment


Little Zena was rescued by Minpinerie a while back. She is 9 years old and lived in a crate nearly all day, every day of every one of her first eight years of life. Because she requires continued care, she will stay in her wonderful forever-foster home. Her parents have been working hard with her and she is able to walk to some extent (see our Facebook page for updated videos). Hooray! We’ve discovered she has some neurological issues. We will continue to pay for her care and make sure she and every other dog we can help have the best lives possible. If you would like to donate to her care to help us help her live out her days in comfort, having the life she always should have had, please donate.

Below is a video of Zena from a while back. Here is the Go Fund Me link  for her – every donation tax deductible.