Marty – looking for love and ready to give you lots!

Marty 1 Marty 2

Loving and smart – lots of energy – needs time to gain trust – Marty is being fostered in OTTAWA – about 12 yrs old (Chi lifespan is 15 to 20 years) – about 11 pounds

Although he looks sedate in these images, Marty has lots of energy! He is a good little boy, very affectionate, and he only wants to cuddle and gives kisses. He is ok with cats, other dogs, preferably female or maybe one calm male near his age but no small children. He has a great appetite and is currently on a hypo diet as allergies are suspected.  Very smart and knows several tricks including roll over and give the paw.  Has the potential to learn many more! Marty has awesome energy. He doesn’t like the cold at all. Normal alarm barking at visitors then he calms in a normal manner. His first foster Mom adds “I’d see him happy in a home with a couple with small female dog or cat, going for long walks when it’s warmer out.  Obedience classes would be awesome for him as he is very bright and he uncertainty around new people would improve with obedience classes using positive reinforcement. I have a feeling he hasn’t always been well treated and maybe even hit as he gets so nervous when I raise my voice. He truly is a sweet boy with huge potential.” — Thank you for your interest in a Minpinerie Rescue Group dog. We are based in the Ottawa area. All dogs are fully vetted and fixed, and we assess behaviour to the fullest extent possible so that our adoptions will be as successful as possible. You must fill out the application and be approved to adopt. If the specific dog in this post doesn’t sound suitable, please understand we have dogs arriving all the time, and MOST go quickly to pre-approved adopters that suit them (that is, many dogs are never posted to our website! Only when we have an overflow!). So, please fill out the application at this link to get in the pool, BUT NOTE SOME FOLKS ARE HAVING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES, SO IF THAT’S YOU, PLEASE SEE INSTRUCTIONS AT THE SAME LINK!  Thank you and talk soon!